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28 Feb 2018 21:47 by Goodtimesahead18 Star rating. 3 forum posts Send private message

Hello everyone read all the threads quite interesting reading. We're coming over to Sierra Golf to view some of the properties that have recently been released obversiously at a increase price since this forum started, but has been over 2 years.

We could do with some advice please all welcome. Would you buy an Eagle or Green property I know that the Eagle is alot of property for the money but the Green has more outside space unless you are buying an end townhouse. Am I right that some of the properties are not owned by Urmosa or is the developer selling all the new build/resale properties that have not been lived in.

Thanks in Advance




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01 Mar 2018 18:32 by VAO Star rating. 17 forum posts Send private message

It really depends on what you want. We bought an eagle because it fits into our log term plan,You have to consider the flight of stairs in the Eagle. The Green is on a single floor with room for more outdoor activities.

New build will require additional  expense and work but you will get it  done to taste. Resale also has its pro. Buying from Urmosa was also very smooth for us. They have put a lot of effort in reviving the urbanisation. If i was to buy again i will go Urmosa direct. They are selling the new buid (repossesed properties) that have not been lived in.

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01 Mar 2018 20:10 by Goodtimesahead18 Star rating. 3 forum posts Send private message

Thanks VAO yes its the long term plan at 1st it will be a holiday home but in the long term it will be our forever home. Presently we are able to negotiate stairs but thinking long term do we need all the space of an eagle plus it would cost more to heat in the winter & more to cool in the summer. We are dealing with Urmosa direct so they have agreed to put us up in one of their properties a try before you buy. We are coming over next week where we hope to speak to anyone who lives or stays on the urbanisation to get their views. Would be great to meet some of the residents to see how things are.

As long as we can get to the airport through the SNOW.


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02 Mar 2018 13:03 by Lyndale Star rating. 8 forum posts Send private message


We have a home on Sierra Golf which we purchased two years ago through Urmosa.  We are not permanent residents saying that we have met some lovely people and made some wonderful friendships. Each time we visit things are moving on. If you do purchase, whichever property  you choose when you have sorted your garden area you will have a fair amount of outside space which you would not get in an apartment. The residents are building up a wonderful community spirit. There is now a group of volunteers who do a fantastic job of looking after the trees and keeping the community tidy. They take great pride in the place where they live. Two bars are now open. There are coffee mornings, keep fit sessions are beginning, quizzes etc. If you play golf, the golfers get together during the week. One thing I can definitely say about Sierra Golf is that the permanent residents watch over things for you which is very reassuring when not permanent. I'm sure people will be willing to give you advice when you visit. It would be good to get the thoughts of more permanent residents if this is your plan for the future. Enjoy your trip. 


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03 Apr 2018 22:52 by Goodtimesahead18 Star rating. 3 forum posts Send private message

Hi Everyone thanks for all your input myself & the wife came over to Sierra Golf ⛳️ just an update on the visit we met so many residents on the Urbanisation which was very friendly nobody had a bad word to say about the urbanisation we viewed all the properties thanks to Holly she was so busy. Nothing was too much for her we must of made a good impression now the website has TBYB (try before you buy) on it which is a good idea for clients thinking of purchasing on Sierra golf. We stayed in a green which was lovely but we fell in love with the Millenium just the bedroom sized plus outside space so much potential. So we are going to buy.I’m coming back over next week to finalise everything so here’s to a up&coming Sierra Golf. 

Look forward to meeting more residents.


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