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28 Nov 2016 17:41 by Aspirin Star rating. 5 forum posts Send private message

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There's a small Ferreteria in Blasicas, and although it's good it lacks a huge supply and range of goods.

Today, while exploring the Industrial estate opposite the 'Iceland' supermarket, in San Javier, I discovered a car-breaker-yard (only a few Metres from the motorway) and the best Ferreteria outside Leroy Merlin.

It's called the, FERRETERIA ALBALADEJO, and the address is, CNTRA, SUCINA, 31 - P.L. LOS URREAS. Tel 968 193 027 and they speak English. So, get your DIY head on and get in there for the stuff you need. There's a Cemetery directly across the road, making it easier to locate. I've been searching for somewhere like this since I arrived in Balsicas. There are actually two Ferreterias, with about 100 metres between them, both facing the main road & the cemetery.

The car scrap-yard has loads of vehicles on their premises, and they are practically on our doorstep. Cheap parts for your car to keep it running, or perhaps... just to improve it.

If anyone needs any info on location or whatever you are more than welcome to ask me. I'm all for self-help.

In addition to the above:-

As I'm new here I've been actively searching for more stores selling DIY stuff. Read on

If you travel past Iceland in San Javier, keeping the store on your right, After about 4 kms you will see a new DIY store called, AKI. It's like Learoy Merlin. It's next to a Burger-King fast food outlet.

Also, on the same road, and just 1.5 kms past Iceland, you can locate a large white building on the left. It sells anything to do with plumbing & heating. It's like a huge warehouse and sells all you might need. It's next door to car sales building and just short of Decathlon..

You're free to PM me for any technical assistance - free of charge without obligation.

I'm all for teaching DIY to those who need to know what is common-knowledge to others.

I also hate to see people get ripped-off! They tried it on me... the fools!!! But that's another story.

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29 Nov 2016 10:01 by M1614 Star rating. 9 forum posts Send private message

Thanks for that Aspirin, I`ll have a good nose about next time We`re over.

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