Warning for all owners renting via the Roda Golf Property Management

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26 May 2017 16:57 by ian17 Star rating. 2 forum posts Send private message


I have to advise you to stop using Roda Golf to manage your property if you are renting either long or short term.

I am now in a postion where i rented my property over a year ago to a tenant recommended by the wonderful team at Roda Golf. This tenant has been problematic with his payments since day 1, but eventually monies are forthcoming (currently only 4 months in arrears) luckly the utility bills were transferred to his name so at least I am not responsible for those. 

Anyway, the tenant is now past the expiry of the lease and is still there. Roda did not advise me that his lease had expired (yes I know i should have checked), and have done nothing to get him out or do anything about it. 

When I questioned and had to continue to chase Roda, the answer eventually was, its your problem, get a laywer and deal with it. Apparantly the tenant has no where else to go... bless. What a crock...

The only way these people will learn is by all you people using Roda to manage your property to stop and take your business elsewhere. They are incompetent and think that by burying their heads it will work out. If you know them, email them and tell them that you are moving your buiness elsewhere.

If anyone knows a good and efficient lawyer can you pm me please. It is time i took Roda to task via the courts for their incompetence and mismanagement of my property. If anyone else has any good ideas how to assit me, then please pm.

Needless to say i think it is time for me to get out of Roda. 

Very annoyed... somewhere not in Spain

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26 May 2017 20:11 by briando55 Star rating in Yorkshire. 2004 forum posts Send private message

I think tenancy issues are civil law matters, as in the UK.

When your renting out property, its always adviseable to make sure you have copies of any agreements, send default letters of non payment of rent in the month the default takes place,  Then send a notice of seeking possession if it gets to more than two months.   Four months of non payment is something you should have been ringing warning bells about (hindsight I know).

Civil cases, try Maria on here from Costaluz, I dont work for them, just have some experience of them.   Advice and action will cost you I reckon, but evictions are messy and expensive also.

Good luck (Im sure my comments will also bring forth more comments from people who will know better!)

By the way, try and work with the agents rather than declare war on them, sure be critical but in the long term working in the same direction and driving them with a lawyers advice will get you what you want in a less stressful way perhaps?

This message was last edited by briando55 on 26/05/2017.


Best wishes, Brian


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26 May 2017 21:30 by ian17 Star rating. 2 forum posts Send private message

Hi Brian,

Thank you for reply and advice.

Sadly this is the second time this has happended to me at the hands of Roda's property management team, hence my frustration. Yes i should have learnt by mistake, but I didn't. People have choices as to who they use managing their property and I just want to bring to peoples atention my experience of dealing with Roda.

This current problem didnt just arise, it was ongoing and Roda kept urging me to stay with the tenant and that it would be ok. As you have mentioned I should have been proactive and instricted a lawyer at the first sign of trouble, but i kept with Roda in the vain hope they would sort it. 

Anyway lesson learnt now and i hope any others reading this will consider their options when renting their property.

Still annoyed, but calmer now.

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26 May 2017 21:49 by briando55 Star rating in Yorkshire. 2004 forum posts Send private message

Hey tell me about it.  It's easy to trust and hope it comes back, I been in situations where the light at the end of the tunnel is another train coming.   

But.   Don't get mad, get even.   Best of luck mate. 


Best wishes, Brian


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