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18 Aug 2016 18:11 by fromie32 Star rating in Sierra Golf Balsicas. 147 forum posts Send private message

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In the words of Victor Meldrew......I DONT BELIEVE IT......after some knight in shining armour cleared all the rubbish from around the bins some body has decided to dump 4 large plastic bags of garden waste, with all the waste land around Sierra Golf where it could have been placed to rot down it is left by the bins.....Please would the owner of said garden waste move it and keep the area nice and tidy. Thank you.

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18 Aug 2016 22:26 by malpam Star rating. 38 forum posts Send private message

We seen it too on our way out today , also when opening one of the bins for our bin bag ,guess what !! whole cardboard boxs taking most of the room inside !! We dont think these people no about what has been said on eye on spain or Sierra Golf face book page & they do not understand the problems they are creating ! If people no of new owners near where they live who have just moved on Sierra Golf could have a polite word in how our bins work & put them right in disposing of certain items !! This is how it started in the first place once a build up it carrys on & on !! no matter what is said . A NOTICE PUT BY THE BINS MAYBE THE ANSWER , dont no if that would work as a notice in the past had been put up regarding the bin area . just makes you very annoyed of these minority of people making Sierra Golf a dumping ground . IF ANYONE SEES BUILDERS LEAVING THEIR RUBBISH REPORT THEM AS ITS A OFFENCE TO USE DOMETIC BINS .

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