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12 Sep 2015 2:42 PM by Jenx Star rating. 121 forum posts Send private message

While in Spain recently I picked up two bills from Gestagua covering the March and June 2015 quarters. I am puzzled and confused by a new line of charge on these bills.

The new charge is 'Alcantarillado' which I understand is 'Sewerage' and this charge adds over 18€ per quarter. My bills have always included a sewerage charge - this is labelled as 'saneamiento integral (Alcosol, S.A.)' and this costs over 6€ per quarter. This charge is still payable in addition to the 'Alcantarillado'.

I am sure someone is familair and understand why this new charge has about and  I would welcome some comments as to why this new charge is now payable.Also, a idea of the date for its implementation would be helpful to me.


Thank you




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12 Sep 2015 9:27 PM by nigel188 Star rating in Estepona. 639 forum posts Send private message

Hi Jenx

I do not live in your area but suggest you contact a Gestor in your nearest town to assist in this matter. You could also send a Private Message to another forum user who has posted other comments on your Community Forum.



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27 Oct 2015 5:27 PM by Gericom99 Star rating in Offaly, Ireland / Ca.... 270 forum posts Send private message

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Hi Jenx,

This charge (Alcantarillado) only appears on the water bills for the quarters ended March and June. The other quarters ended September and December do not show this charge.  You will find that it was the same on your bills for 2014. So it is not a new charge. However I can offer no further info on this.

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