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31 May 2014 15:07 by CPR_Condado Star rating. 15 forum posts Send private message

On Thursday it was CPR’s 1st AGM.  It was a quiet affair with only committee and responders present.  As we are a charity, on a resort, whose major contributors are not on site all the time to keep everybody informed we have decided to publish parts of the AGM.

Secretary’s address

I would like to thank you all for attending the first annual general meeting of the condado Primary Response charity.  Since registering the charity a year ago we have moved on tremendously with the generosity and support of the residents, the golf society and businesses who have kindly donated to us.

In summer last year you will see from the balance sheet we had enough money in the bank account to be able to train eight volunteer responders thanks to fundraising events at Easter, Seve Day donated by the golf society, St Patricks Day, Burns night, St Georges night and most importantly the raffle of the car which was organised and purhased by Neil and Lynn at the Clover.

So in September last year our first group of trainees successfully completed their training course and the equipment for them to fulfil their responsibility was purchased.  To date there have been four call outs which have been attended by the volunteers and their buddies.

There was a huge fund raising event held at the end of September when Steve Kirkley completed his sponsored cycle ride around the perimeter and on that day, as you all know, the CPR service went live.

It has been a huge learning curve for us and have had support from other charities in the area with their experience and knowledge being shared.

Fundraising continued and a Christmas raffle was organised by the fundraising team with some of the businesses from the Al Kasar donating prizes as well as residents who donated items for the hampers.  This was another event which boosted the funds and we were able to organise another training programme for volunteers in March of this year.

The idea of the buddy system was proposed to us by another similar charity and we felt that some buddies could potentially see the work of a first responder and perhaps volunteers to become one in the future.  However there has been a lack of buddies volunteering recently so we are undergoing a drive to obtain more.  So if you know of anyone who is an owner or long term renter, who wishes to do this for a day then please let any of the committee know.

We have been working closely with IRM who are the administrators of the golf course, as facts show the most heart attacks happen on a golf course. So we are in the process of putting together an action plan for their Marshals and our responders in the event of a call out.

Events and fundraising ideas and always being raised by the fundraising team and recently some residents have also kindly arranged fund raising initiatives.  Again anyone who has an idea for a fayre, fundraising idea or would like to help would be welcomed, as the logo suggests, with open arms.  Our fundraising team has come with a great idea of an advertising booklet which will be explained later in the meeting but will have an impact on every AGM in the future.

We cannot thank you all enough for your hard work, support and donations in allowing this charity to provide a service which is invaluable to the community of Condado de Alhama. A huge thanks to everyone.

Alicia Saunders, Secretary of CPR

We have a net balance of 5,476 euros available which seems rather a lot of money.  However since the beginning of the year we have spent approx. 2,600 euros of which a large proportion of this was for the training course held in March 2014 so the fund raising needs to continue.  We have a rough approximation that it will cost around 7,000 euros per annum to run CPR which includes training, running costs and funds set aside to replace equipment.  As you can see from the accounts the oxygen costs 1,339 euros.  This figure at the moment is annual.  The cylinders are hired annually and the oxygen is expensive as it has to be medical oxygen.   We are looking at cheaper options so when the year ends in October we will hopefully have a cheaper option.

We are also aware that we need to have some kind of transport that the charity owns and runs to give to responder No.1 for his/her shift.  Currently the responders are using their own transport which can cause complications where there is only 1 car in the family unit.  If the responder is on call the car needs to stay on site for the call out period so any call can be acted upon quickly which ties up the family car and thus restricts the whole family to the resort.  When the committee and responders decide upon the best form of transport we will then have to take on more fund-raising to pay for it.

If you have any questions or queries about anything in the accounts or my brief explanation then please contact us through the website and the committee will answer them.

visit the CPR website to see the full accounts

The Committee

Dorothy Simpson resigned as President and the committee thank her for her work during her time as President.

We welcome Maria del Mar as our new president.

The rest of the committee remain the same :

Alicia Saunders : Secretary

Heather Huron : Treasurer

Eliza King and Derek Bell (Deputy): Rota Manager and Responder Representative

Neil Simpson : Training Officer

Lynn Simpson and Cath Emmet-Smith : Fundraising

Lesley Tann : Publicity Officer

Advertising Booklet

Cath Emmett-Smith and Lynn Simpson have been accumulating businesses who want to take an advert in a new free CPR advertising booklet. Cath explained the layout of the booklet including emergency numbers for hospitals, including direction, useful phrases etc.

The advertising costs were discussed and she anticipated a profit to the charity of approximately one thousand Euros.

The idea is that the booklet will be distributed across the resort and hopefully will be kept in the apartments providing useful information for the year.  On the back page of the booklet there will be a free raffle ticket which will be numbered and these will be entered into a competition which will be drawn at the next Annual General Meeting of CPR in May 2015.  The prize this year will be a television donated by Andy at Condado Invest.

The booklet is at the printers and will be circulated soon.  It is hoped that this booklet will be produced annually to make a regular income for CPR.  The meeting thanked Cath and Lynn for their work on this.

The meeting was closed with no other business.

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31 May 2014 18:32 by Crashtester Star rating. 156 forum posts Send private message

Thank you for the information.

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