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03 Sep 2013 08:47 by Rich&Bops Star rating in Fleet . 266 forum posts Send private message


I dont have a bill in the UK, can anyone tell me what the electricity rate is per Kwh.  We use Iberdrola






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03 Sep 2013 18:02 by igw Star rating in East Lothian. 81 forum posts Send private message

I just happen to have received my bill.

For a period of 59 days, with minor rounding:

Capacity 5.75kw for 45 days@ 0.065/kw/day
Then 5.75kw for 14days@ 0.1029/kw/day (no idea why there are two rates) =8.28
22.78kw@0.138=3.15 (again don't know why two rates)
Total so far 39.58
Elec tax @ 4.864% x 1.05=2.02(don't understand why 1.05 uplift)
Meter rental 59 days @0.0276=1.63
Subtotal 43.23
Final total 52.31

Hope this helps!

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05 Sep 2013 15:59 by Redrose Star rating in Norwich. 233 forum posts Send private message

Hi, the 2 rates are for Tariff Noche/ White metre...which is good if you live here or are here for long periods of time AND are sensible with your use of electricity. tariff Noche is like Economy 7 with cheaper electricity 22 March to 21 September between 11pm and 1pm next day...In the other 6 months it is slightly different hours.

This means you do your washing, cooking, water heating, aircon etc in the night period....

Its no good if you rent out as tenants will not be bothered with making the most of the cheaper rate.

A normal metre is about 15-16 c per unit 24 hours a day....hope this helps!!

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