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03 Feb 2014 6:25 PM:


We are in the process of setting one up....grateful for all advice...we have lots of good advisors at present...but you can never have enough good advice,


Thread: Residents Associations in Spain ? What are the negatives or the positives?

21 Nov 2013 10:39 AM:

Surely, in this day and age, no one is daft enough to fall for these???  Then again, someone must or they wouldn't keep doing it!!!

Thread: FRAUD - SPAM - Private Message - Please do not respond !!

19 Oct 2013 2:28 PM:

Hi, if on Facebook...there is an information page called preguntas y Mas.....am sure they would know,


Thread: Charity shop opening hours

03 Sep 2013 10:52 PM:

I got scolded by my GP in UK for using it on an infant because of the aspirin in it!!

Thread: bonjela

03 Sep 2013 3:21 PM:

Haven't seen it... Do you know it contains aspirin so not recommended for teething kids!,

Thread: bonjela


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