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02 Nov 2008 00:00 by julie anne Star rating. 1103 forum posts Send private message


Tony reported from his phone call with Almu that the resolution of the contracts is for those with BGs only at the moment. He also stated that those with BGs would have to agree to forgo interest payments in return and would be paid out quicker by the banks who would then become creditors .There was no mention that purchasers with BGs would also have to give up any rights to become "creditors against the mass" and would become ordinary creditors with no legal rights to change their position in the line of credit. Purchasers with BGs if they go to court to resolve the contract would have a better chance of being granted the privileged position i.e. "Creditors against the mass" There was also no mention that it would still be unlikely that the banks pay out and purchasers with BGs in all likely hood would still have to fight the bank through the courts but would only be listed as ordinary creditors in the admin process. Most lawyers are advising clients not to take this deal .If SG truly believe they can continue why are they treating their customers so badly ,do the have no regard for their reputation ,I fear it is gone forever no one will ever trust them again there are plenty of other developers to choose from why should anyone trust them now or in the future.This company is now finished through their own actions of disgraceful disregard for their customers .

I therefore wonder if Tony did not ask the right questions or if once again Almu was economical with the truth .Perhaps Tony can clarify these points from what was said at his recent meeting with Almu .Thank you JA

This message was last edited by julie anne on 11/2/2008.

This message was last edited by julie anne on 11/2/2008.

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02 Nov 2008 12:13 by briando55 Star rating in Yorkshire. 2004 forum posts Send private message


I have no info about the telephone call you mention and i dont look on the SARC site, i dont find it very informative for me.

The items you have put on here just make me wonder why it takes a trip to Spain to find this stuff out.  We are in an age of electronic highways and these two people are trying to be the highway robbers......a kind of Dick Turpin of broadband.  It kind of suits the buiders profile though......if anyhting can be done quicker or better, lets ignore it and find a way to do it thats slower, and a bit bent..then were happy.

At all costs.....they want to avoid making proper statements or giving supported information......that would involve being in the same world as their customers.

The problem dosnt tell me anything i dont already know or can't find out in an E mail...............surely theres more to the visit than this

Isnt there?


Best wishes, Brian


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04 Nov 2008 23:00 by TonyMal Star rating in Oxfordshire. 1090 forum posts Send private message

Hi JA,
I am sorry that you are unhappy with the position that the administrators are taking. If you wish for specific questions to be asked that are pertanent to your position and needs please feel free to email them to me via the SARC email address and i will try to get you a reply.

All the best to you


Tony R17 18

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