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16 Jun 2010 00:00 by patrick41 Star rating in Dumfries, Scotland .... 136 forum posts Send private message

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Hi All

We are looking for advice regarding property tax paid to Alhama council.We are joint owners of a property on La Isla (husband & wife)and we contacted Alhama council thinking we would have to pay €93.26 in total per year but they have e-mailed us back and have said that it will be 93.26 each per year a total of €186.58 per year because there is 2 names on the deeds.this seems steep to me and why would they charge joint owners double.    Regards Pat & Jackie

      Pat & Jackie  

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16 Jun 2010 14:16 by snorkychopper Star rating in England / Spain. 226 forum posts Send private message

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My wife and I only paid 55.58 each for IBI tax recently a total of 111.16 EU on our property..

However are Alham Council levying any fee for the set up of this account ??

I ask as we paid our solictor 150 Euros ON TOP of the 111.16 for her to sort this out for us in May

I was disgusted that the fee was so much more than the tax itself, but she told me this was a one off cost as in future years the IBI  tax would be taken by Alhama council directly from our Spanish bank account.

Just a thought



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16 Jun 2010 15:31 by ptan Star rating in Los Naranjos Jardine.... 1696 forum posts Send private message

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Hi Patrick,

Each owner gets a seperate bill based on the value of thier share of the property value, so you should get two bills for 2 owners,  but 93 each does sound a bit steep?  In the 2 beds in Naranjos we paid €45 each.

Mark, sounds like you were ripped off.  There is no setup fee,  if you go to the council office to pay they will give you a form to take to the bank to set up the DD for free.  Never heard of a solicitor charging for this, unless he sorted out your income tax as well?  in which case, he's probably charging for that?





Email: phil@naranjosuno.com

Web: www.naranjosuno.com




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16 Jun 2010 20:29 by Jann Star rating in Merseyside and Jardi.... 802 forum posts Send private message

Phil you could be right. Our solicitor has charged around 70 euro's for the sorting of the non residents tax but we had sorted the IBI ourselves last year and thats been taken out of our account direct this year. Our soilictor did quote a different figure last year to do both things but we had already got the IBI organised.


This message was last edited by Jann on 16/06/2010.



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16 Jun 2010 20:48 by croham Star rating in croydon. 32 forum posts Send private message

I have just arranged  a direct debt payment with the alhama council for the IBI ta, by e-mail it was easy and no solicitor fee !!,

you are welcome to PM me if you require address  details.

regards Mike

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17 Jun 2010 08:38 by jihem Star rating in in Belgium and Naran.... 62 forum posts Send private message

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hi all

I already gave you  the "new"  email address on  may 20th




but for "la renta"  I think  it·s for the end of th year, december 31, not now.



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18 Jun 2010 13:15 by lindaw164 Star rating in Glasgow and Jardins .... 253 forum posts Send private message

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Now that the new Council office is about to open at the Al Kazar does that mean we can pay the IBI tax there or will we still have to go up to Alhama de Murcia?  We forgot to set up a standing order last year so will have to go to the offices somewhere!!



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