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15 Jun 2010 00:00 by del007 Star rating. 274 forum posts Send private message

Just returned from Condado, out with a friend looking to purchase.  Spoke to Sergio at Polaris sales, asked if he could give me an update on the future progress at Condado.  Prior to his response I asked him not to tell me any lies as I have had more than my fare share of fairy tales from the Polaris propaganda machine.  If he didn't know anything, I asked him not to tell me anything.  Sergio who seems like a decent fair minded man went on to advise that he would impart only the information that he had been given by the Polaris powers that be. 

Olagolf have a 15 years lease with Polaris for the management of the signature course.  Olagolf intend to have some sort of official opening of the Golf Course in Sept 2010.  If I understood Sergio correctly at this point Olagolf will unveil their plans for the new permanent Club House which they will pay for and construct last quarter of 2010.  This will not be the Polaris planned Club House, Olagolf deemed this too elaborate and expensive.  Olagolf prefer a more traditional Spanish design, but still to a very high standard.  Polaris have the option to purchase the Club House when the 15 years lease expires.  Polaris own the land for the golf courses but the banks own the surrounding lands.  The apartments lining the golf course opposite the Al Kazar have been cancelled, as have the Golf Suites.  The main Villa's (500,000e) at the main North Gate beside the old Sales Office will be constructed soon over the coming months.  Corvera Airport on target for April 2011.  It is no longer a private project due to government intervention,i.e the injection of 280 million euro's, it is now a public project.  Don't quite understand that part.   The completion of the whole resort including the other two Golf Courses and Oasis etc. is still very large in Polaris's plans although how long this will take is still the $64,000 question.  The Foro and the shopping centre at Los Naranjos are not completey scuppered they may still go ahead ( don't be holding your breath).  Unfortunately I was given the reason for the postponement of both these shopping centres as being based on an expensive survey/report that found that the construction of these centres would fragment the community, pulling it apart, therefore the construction of the monstrosity known as the Al Kasar will act as a focal piont bringing us all toghether, that plan seems to be working, NOT!  This is the biggest load of piffle I have heard since arriving at Condado.  I was in the Clover on Friday 11th June, there was around another 3 to 5 people there and a band consisting of 3 people battering out their stuff at an unbelievable volume, no wonder the place was dead.  That's about it.  I have no doubt that Sergio was sincere in his belief and I'm sure that some of the facts have been lost or exagerated in translation.  I have done my best to relay the information as I understand it.  The piffle about the smaller shopping centres was just a regurgitation of what I had been advised previously at the old Sales Office.  Alhama de Murcia Council will move into Al Kasar as will a maintenace outlet along the lines of Brico, a sort of travel agent property letting outfit and finally a co-operative of the banks that own 50% of the resort will operate from Al Kasar supplying us with our banking services. 

Whilst in the area I passed down to Mar Manor.  It is here that the enormity of the Polaris situation hits you.  Clover bar during World Cup closed, Pino's bar closed, Gym closed, all pretty sad.  The only way is up.  Surpringly I am still upbeat and happy with my purchase, although I am also a realist and feel you have to face the facts without being too dreich.

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16 Jun 2010 19:42 by carla/dave Star rating in Manchester and Penth.... 83 forum posts Send private message

Well some feedback and info is better than none. Pleased with the news from Olagolf regards the clubhouse this will certainly get rid of the eyesore piece of land outside Penthouse 8........hooray!!!!!!!

Thanks for the info.



Carla and Dave.

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16 Jun 2010 20:02 by Alison&Simon Star rating in Hamilton,Scotland - .... 1102 forum posts Send private message

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Hi Dell007,

Yes nice to hear some positives, especially when you mentioned Sergio is still in the sales office



 Always look on the bright side of life  

Dogs have lots of friends cause they wag their tails and not their tongues


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