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The Comments
06 Apr 2010 00:00 by julie anne Star rating. 1103 forum posts Send private message

It would now appear that FIN " friend in need " was absolutely spot on with all of what he said .I think in view of this Justin should lift his ban immediately !!!!!   or would that upset SARC  .I don't think it is morally  or ethically correct  for  Justin   to    support SARC anymore or host the link to their HdT/SJ/SARC site .  Justin I hope they were paying you a fee as I can forgive you for that but if you were supporting the SARC as a good  cause you were very much misguided  and lied to like the rest of us .!!!!!!!!    JA

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07 Apr 2010 15:32 by 4749annjoe Star rating in blackpool lancs. 50 forum posts Send private message


Justin, please reinstate FIN, he has told the truth.

I have found SARC to be offensive, immoral, obtrusive, and have done nothing but be a mouth piece for



Regards ANNJOE

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07 Apr 2010 16:30 by joanniemac Star rating. 241 forum posts Send private message

Justin, Please lift the ban on FIN, he was spot on about SJ/HdT. SARC have been HdT`s mouthpiece on EOS, and haven`t done us any favours, only prelonged the uncertianty for us all. They have effectively gagged any reasonable debate on here, and a valuable source of information has been lost. Cheers Joanniemac

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07 Apr 2010 17:42 by laferia Star rating. 17 forum posts Send private message

I would also like you to reinstate FIN please Justin.  SARC have managed to stop anybody posting who opposes their views.  A lost of opposte their  views as we see them as being the mouthpiece of HdT/SJ.  Many of us do not hae Bank Guarantees, do not want our house at inflated prices - by today's standard - and do not want a property built by people who seem to think that lying, ignoring and other unspeakable things are the norm.  I too would 'like a peaceful outcome for all', but I would also like to know EVERYBODY's views, not just the views of the blinkered 'Executive Committee'.


Please reinstate FIN

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