Replacement Stairs to Penthouse Terraces

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14 Apr 2009 00:00 by ahughes269 Star rating in Edinburgh. 5 forum posts Send private message

Does anyone have information from the AGM about the proposal for penthouse owners to replace the spiral stairs to the roof terrace?  We heard that the proposal is to replace with metal straight stairs rather than stone built ones, better than the spiral for sure but still not perfect.

Also, my spiral staircase is causing cracks in the walls and floor at roof level and all of the paint exposed to the sun is peeling off, has anyone else experienced this and got ideas on how to fix until we can (hopefully) replace the spiral?

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14 Apr 2009 21:42 by arky25 Star rating in erskine, scotland. 350 forum posts Send private message

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im sure i heard that this proposal was rejected.

i was not at agm but maybe someone could confirm this?

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14 Apr 2009 22:28 by sheel Star rating. 18 forum posts Send private message

Sorry, but I think I'm correct in saying that the changing of solid balconies to railings, & the changing of the spiral staircases were both rejected. AGM went on for hours, so brain was falling asleep by the end of it!


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15 Apr 2009 14:14 by L P Star rating. 51 forum posts Send private message

I was speaking to one of my neighbours who had my proxy vote and I understand that the proposal to change the spiral stairs for Phase 1 was approved. The new vice president has undertaken to get some costings for the new planned stairs (which will be in wrought iron with railings) as they cannot be in concrete as the terraces probably will not support the weight having been designed for spiral stairs only. If you contact the administrator no doubt she will be able to advise on what is happening with this on Phase 1 and her email is


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15 Apr 2009 17:17 by janejohn Star rating. 183 forum posts Send private message

The proposal to change the spiral staircase was rejected at the Phase 2 AGM,  along with the request to change solid walls to railings on balconies, because the 100% agreement needed to implement these changes was not forthcoming.   There was acknowledgement that the spiral staircase issue has safety implications and I believe an EGM may be arranged to look into this further.  However, LP is right, Marisol is the person to ask for up to date information.  If Phase 1 has approved this then maybe it will help those on Phase 2.

Details of the Phase 2 AGM have been outlined  elsewhere - please PM  me if you want more info.

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