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Gardens Of Manilva Country Club forum threads
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06 Apr 2009 00:00 by eltonia Star rating. 57 forum posts Send private message

just a quick note on Estapona Beach and Country Club,Lesley Alberici now working as a legal Consltant in Compliance,Property AND Financial Claims Address and telephne number on the EBCC Development Forum.

I have informed Staffordshire Police.

also  working  with her own Letterhead as CAG EUROPE,spanish purchase Rescue Plan for people who have lost substantial amounts through being misled!!!! Her words not mine.

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29 Dec 2009 01:27 by Lava Clip Star rating. 25 forum posts Send private message

Hi All...

Hope all have had a merry Christmas and I wish you all a prosperous new year...
I purchased a Villa at GOM and placed a deposit of over 250,000 Euros with OVP, Ocean View Properties via Conveyancing uk / Conveyancing Spain...
None other than Lesley Alberici.
My purchase followed a number of visits to Spain and to various property presentations with staff from OVP, Ocean View Properties.
To do this I took equity out of my home and placed my deposit thru a solicitor...
What could possibly go wrong...
Well... So much for the UK / Spanish Legal system...
Last night I find out that a very close member of my family passed away suddenly in Ireland...
After a great deal of effort by some very good people I was passed the tragic news...
Now the reality...
I have not eaten a hot meal in 12 days...I have not slept indoors in 14 days...
I have lost my partner, my friends, my job, my home and the only thing I have not yet lost is my life.
I have now lost a member of my family and not only can I not afford to go to funeral but I am unable to pay the cost of a call to sympathize with my family...
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following Staff of OVP, Ocean View Properties for destroying me, my family, my home and if something doesn’t soon change … My Life…
Bob Parks,
John (Jon) Kenyon Smith,
Colin Thomas,
Mike Blades,
Stuart Jones,
Keith Watson,
Dave Stewart,
Keith Harris.
Special thanks also to Lesley Alberici too…
Hope you all and your families have a wonderful new year…
At this stage I can’t think of a reason to make it to 2010… but I still have hope…
There are a few others I will thank as I remember their names…
Kind regards and as before … Best wishes to all at EOS for 2010…

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