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02 Nov 2008 00:00 by johnfozard Star rating. 147 forum posts Send private message


I have information you might  allegedly be  Mr. Andrew Heaney, who allegedly lives in MCC and works allegedly out of Huma's offices sometimes.

I have a PM of the bad way you have allegedly  treated other clients.

Your UK/Ireland phone number diverts to MCC.Is that true?

You have been seen very friendly with staff in the Huma offices allegedly ?

Seems you know Huma very well - my friend allegedly !

Not so smug now eh?

As a spanish agent - I guess you could sell more sandwiches than houses at the moment - especially on Huma sites! Doubt you can afford any action against anyone right now!

Of course if this is untrue - please put the record straight.


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02 Nov 2008 17:02 by Antojo Star rating. 101 forum posts Send private message


If this is the person you think it is, then we have met him. We visited ACC when we found out that the building had been stopped. 

We made the trip to decide whether or not to cancel our contract. He parked in front of us and spent the afternoon in Humas offices. We had been wandering around the site all afternoon, as you do, taking in the scenery, and he chatted to us, telling us how much we would regret pulling out, how much profit we would lose, etc, the usual agent spiel. He was there on other occasions when we visited. 

He assured us that ACC would be a very desirable place to have a home, and he himself would be moving there on completion. He was very enthusiastic about the 'fantastic facilities'. Does this all sound familiar ????

If we had known that 4 years on we would have no money and no property, never mind facilities, we would have laughed at his advice, pulled out , and made a very lucky escape !!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

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