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03 Sep 2008 00:00 by Skell Star rating in North Stand Lower, C.... 408 forum posts Send private message

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Hi All,

I noticed in some reports at completion that included in some solicitors or mortgage charges there are references to Insurance costs. Do these only apply if you are taking out a Spanish Mortgage or is it another type of Tax payable at the Notary.  My solicitor has not mentioned anything so far in our completion costs discussions, but as I am not taking a Spanish Mortgage I suspected it was to do with that?

Any ideas my fellow Condadian's 





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03 Sep 2008 20:34 by PGM Star rating in Cheshire & LOS NARAN.... 862 forum posts Send private message

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Hi Nick

No, as far as I am aware the people taking Mortgages have to have insurance that satisfies and includes the interest of the Mortgage lender, in the main I don’t thick the banks insist you take the insurance though them? From the information I have seen on the forum the insurance offered by PW is probably as good as most and better than many, as I assume you intend taking insurance from somewhere.  


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04 Sep 2008 07:58 by lindaw164 Star rating in Glasgow and Jardins .... 253 forum posts Send private message

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We have a Spanish mortgge with Barclays and have the insurance with them which included contents which was very reasonable (I think it was around 160 euros or maybee I worked it out at £160 I can't remember and my sister has the paperwork)  however we thought this was good so try and find out what the bank would charge before you write it off.


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