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01 Sep 2008 00:00 by golfinjim Star rating in Runcorn & Block 1 Pe.... 264 forum posts Send private message

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Hi all,

Just received an email from direct2spain.  Guess what?  Yup there closing their offices and physical sales side of the business. Going back to internet based only.  Here's a copy/paste version below, if its worked.   I am also with Direct2Spain, but to be honest I'm not too worried.  Mainly because I'm due to complete in Oct/Nov this year.  The only thing I'll miss is someone to guide me through the final stages.  But Hey.  Thats what you guys are for!!!   And you all do a good job - Thanks

Dear All

Polaris Clients

It is with regret that Direct2Spain Ltd has decided to close their UK and Spanish offices as from the 12th September. This is due to the down turn in property sales in Spain over the last 12 months and the non payment of commissions due to be paid by four major developers. It is now impossible for us to keep our offices open and staffed.

The one main change that you will now see is that sadly, we will no longer have Sue Chance in Spain to act as an intermediary between you and Polaris. Sue has been a wonderful asset to Direct2Spain and we would like to thank her for all of her hard work. She has decided to return to the Uk and she says she will be visiting Spain as a tourist, we wish her every success

Brian Richards will no longer be employed by Direct2Spain Ltd, but has decided to stay in Spain and set up his own company, Casa Connexions. He has offered to continue the after sales service for you – please see letter attached He will take you to furniture shops, solicitors, airport pickup etc. as before free of charge. He will accompany you/or Polaris on two snagging visits, any extra visits or services will be charged for, please ask Brian for his charges, He has also started his own Property Management company, so he will be able to provide this service too (ask for list of charges). Brian has worked very well for Direct2Spain for the last 12 months and will even be buying the Direct2Spain Kia Carnival, so you will hardly ‘see the joins’, we are very pleased to recommend his services.

Polaris are now also offering a fantastic after sales service to all of their clients which includes obtaining NIE numbers, mortgage advice and snagging. Polaris World will send an email direct to you to say when your property is due for completion, for any other queries their contact email is shown below. You should also keep in contact with your solicitor in Spain for any queries regarding your purchase and it is essential that you have a solicitor with you at the signing at the notary.

We are now looking to revert back to our initial marketing strategy that worked so well five years ago, so we can still work as an internet based introducing agent. We hope that when you were initially choosing your property/ area/ resort with the help and support of Direct2spain, this was a valuable experience which you benefited from, and which we would like to continue to offer to future clients. We have had many successful years selling Spanish properties and still believe in Polaris World as the completed resorts are now looking fantastic and hope that, when this so called 'credit crunch' is over, we can return to business as normal. We have in fact bought 3 Polaris World properties ourselves, one off plan on La Torre in 2003, one key ready on La Torre in May this year and one on Los Narajos, Condado de Alhama, due for completion in October 2008.

Direct2Spain would like to thank you for using our services and hope you enjoy your properties in Spain as much as we enjoy ours.

We will of course be on hand to answer any questions you may have now regarding this situation, and do not want you to feel 'left high and dry'. If there was anything we could do to stop this happening now we would do it. As a company we could survive the lack of sales due to the ‘credit crunch’, but unfortunately we cannot survive the non payment of commission by 4 major developers.

Please note Direct2Spain Ltd has not ceased trading and will be pursuing the reclamation of unpaid commissions through the Spanish courts.

For all future correspondence please use:

Polaris World Aftersales:

Direct2spain questions: (Please allow 48hrs for a response as we are no longer in the office)

Casa Connexions – Brian Richards 0161-408-8686, 0034-696-877-437, 0044-770-3051-653 email

Tax, Mortgages and Legal – Danny and Javier at Iberbrit Legal, La Manga ..; Daniel 0034 968 337 392.

Legal - Antonio and Salvador at Serveco , Murcia . -

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me

Kind regards

Gill Hughes
Spain, Italy , Cyprus , Dubai , Morocco , Turkey
part of Direct2Spain Ltd
01743 364 830

Frank Dont smack your kids.  They choose your care home.

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02 Sep 2008 19:16 by michaelhardy Star rating in Bishop Auckland & Ja.... 597 forum posts Send private message

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Thanks golfinjim,

We are sorry to hear the direct2spain have decided to close both the uk and spanish offices.  We haven't had the email that you show but we have actually completed on our apartment now so that is probably why.  We did hear that this was possibly going to happen when we completed last month.

I must say that the service we received from them from start to finish was extremely good - infact they couldn't have done more for us. 

They brought us out on 2 inspection visits, took us for our NIE numbers, kept us up to date with the progress of Condado through photos and Sue was invauable when we got stressed out over completion. She even managed to get us a map of the new town centre almost immediately after it was released.

They do have an interest in Condado as they bought a penthouse apartment in Los Naranjos while we were out there a couple of years ago. 

If they read the forums, I would just like to wish them best of luck for the future and hope that the market will pick up in Spain soon.


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02 Sep 2008 21:33 by golfinjim Star rating in Runcorn & Block 1 Pe.... 264 forum posts Send private message

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Hi Mike & Dawn,

I fully endorse what you said regards Direct2Spain.  I too have had issues with PW, and Sue and the solicitor they recommended Salvador have really tried on my behalf.

As you can see from the email Brian is to honour snagging that was agreed with D2S.  I'm so near completion now that this should be the only service left which I require, therefore I'll not really be affected by this.  Anything else I need, as I said about this forum.  "Thats what all you guys are for - Thanks all.

Frank Dont smack your kids.  They choose your care home.

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02 Sep 2008 21:34 by lytton Star rating in Bath & North East So.... 421 forum posts Send private message

They mention that part of the problem is non-payment of commissions from four major builders. I hope the PW isn't one of they (Direct2Spain) seem to have been let down badly by them (PW) if this is the case.


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