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Spanish Property news and Tips

This Spanish property news blog aims to provide you with the most interesting news on the Spanish property market and useful tips.

Telephone calls from Hell!!!
23 February 2012

 Here's a Spanish joke that I have just translated. It made me chuckle and hope it cheers up those that are going through hard times 

Rajoy (Spanish Prime minister) Berlusconi (Ex Italian prime minister) and the queen of England find themselves in Hell…..

Berlusconi tells the queen of England that there is a hot line in hell and that he is going to ask permission to the devil to use it.

He quickly goes and makes his request to the devil in order to make a call to Italy in order to find out how the fate of the country is since his departure. The devil grants his request and he makes a call to Italy that lasts 2 minutes. On hanging up the devil informs that the call costs 3 million dollars and Berlusconi pays it.

On finding out the news, the queen also requests to use the hot line and makes a call to England that lasts 5 minutes. The Devil passes her a bill of 10 million pounds.

Rajoy also feels he should make a call to Spain in order to see how he had left the state of affairs so makes a call that lasts 3 hours. When he hangs up the devils says "that will be 25 cents please Mariano". Mariano is bewildered after hearing how much the others had to pay to make their calls, so he asks the devil why the hell was the call so damn cheap!

The devil replies:

“Now looky here Mr Rajoy, with the amount of unemployment, cut backs, the banks that have us all over a barrel, Merkel who also has more power than you, the strikes, the national health and educational problems, people loosing their minds, the lack of justice and ethics, the impunity and corruption, the state of the stock exchange and the premium risk,  the housing issues, the evictions and repossessions, manifestations and riots, police brutality and a runaway royal family, I am afraid to say that Spain is a living hell! The call you have made is from one hell to another and therefore is the cost of a local call".

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How to sell yur Spanish property in times of Crisis
21 February 2012

Despite the rumours that the Spanish property world is on the brink of destruction the reality is that Spanish home owners that want to sell, still need to sell and have to do whatever it takes to sell, sell, sell!

Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Select estate agencies for the job

It is true that there are less of them around but the ones that are left are there for a reason, because they are good at what they do and are taking the bull by the horns. 

Interview several and take on the two that give you the best impression. Don´t take on any more than 2 at any one time and don´t ever sign an exclusivity agreement. Make the agencies work for their commission. 

Adjust and market your Spanish property for a realistic price

Forget about what the property cost you and forget about how much of a loss you may be expected to make. Leave your pride and your ego at the door. Those days are gone and realism is the only way forward. 

You simply have two options. Sell for the price the market is demanding or ride out the storm. 

Advertise your Spanish Home

Even though you have an agent trying to sell your property, be pro-active yourself. Advertise your property on the internet yourself and also with your local agent in the UK that deals with overseas property and get your property seen by more people. 

If you have a viewing, get your local agent involved and negotiate his / her commission for finding them the lead. As long as everybody makes something out of the deal in the end it is a job well done. Remember it is a numbers game at the end of the day. Who cares who gets the lead? Just get the house sold. 

Take pride in the appearance

Whether your property is closed up for many months of the year or if you are currently living in Spain, the way your present your home is very important. Large developers spend money in making sure that their show homes look and smell presentable. 

Do the same you would be surprised how much of a difference it makes. If the property is locked up for months on end, ask someone to do a periodic clean and air the property regularly. There is nothing worse than showing people around a home that smells like an old warehouse. 


If you are present when viewings take place make sure your potential buyers are made to feel at home. Let them walk freely around he house and don´t follow them around everywhere. If they have any questions they will ask.

Subtly accompany them and if they appear very interested make sure you allow them time to discuss the features of the home amongst themselves.

Don´t let them feel pressurized in any way and do not feed them with too much information all in one go. If they are really interested they will ask you and most likely arrange to view the property again. If it is a Spanish buyer that means with the whole family ;-) Go for it! As many viewings as it takes in order to get that sale.

The Bank

This is the hardest part of all at the moment. Banks are not willing to be flexible in any way and in many cases have actually stopped lending all together. Your potential buyer needs to have plenty of capital and a good income to even be considered as a potential mortgage candidate. 

Your agency should really determine this quickly to avoid making unnecessary viewings. One thing is to carry out viewings to get a sale and the other is to waste time. 

Good luck. Be pro-active, be flexible and NEVER, NEVER give up. 

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Carnivals this weekend in Spain!
15 February 2012

This weekend Spain finds yet another excuse for a fiesta and takes to the street in fancy dress to celebrate Carnivals (Carnavales) Get to your nearest fancy dress shop, jump into your favorite super hero costume or similar and enjoy the fiestas Spain has to offer. Most of the carnival celebrations will take place on Saturday 18 Feb this year.

Visit our resources section to find out more information about Carnivals in Spain


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The Seville Tapas fair
13 February 2012

 Take a look at our new article talking about the tapas fair that taks place throughout february in Seville

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Costa Blanca number 1 destination for brits this summer
13 February 2012

 Flight bookings destined for Costa Blanca have already risen by 20% in relation to the figures published in November 2010 for the summer just passed. (Figures provided by Hosbec) 

5 reasons why the Costa Blanca in 2012 will be the number 1 destination for British tourists 

  1.   The climate
  2.   Proximity to Great Britain
  3.   Cheap flights
  4.   Value for money
  5.   Costa Blanca wants the business

Costa Blanca number 1 destination for Brits in 2012

The World  Travel Market is the 3rd largest tourism exhibition in the world and is of great importance to the region being that over 2 million British tourists flock to the area each year and over 85% repeat their trip again. 

Tourism in Costablanca generates an astonishing 1 billion euro every year of which 50% is thanks to the British tourist.  (Figures provided by Alberto Fabra, President of the Generalitat)

Alberto Fabra recently substituted the position of Francisco Camps as the community’s president earlier this year and his presence at the WTM gives a clear message to the importance that British tourism has in the Valencia region. 

Even though the Brits are scheduled to reduce their holiday plans for the next few years (Until 2015) it is said that those that do choose to holiday abroad , the vast majority will choose Costa Blanca and the Valencia region as their number 1 destination. 

This year so far over 11 million British tourists visited Spain and 20% visited the Costa Blanca. The most popular destination was Benidorm however there was also a smaller but significant figure of individuals and small groups that visited the area in search for the fabulous golf deals the area has to offer. 

There you have it holiday homeowners. Get your holiday home ready for the new season, sharpen your pencil and above all be proactive. 


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New law passed to speed up eviction process in Spain New law passed to speed up eviction process in Spain
13 February 2012

 As of 31 October 2011 the law has been reformed in order to speed up the procedures when claiming bad debts (Ley de medidas de agilización procesal) 


This is very good news for Spanish property owners who rent their property on a long term basis. 

The new law forces non-paying tenants to resolve their situation or leave the property without the agonizing wait for a court date.

When an owner sues a bad paying tenant the court clerk (Secretario judicial) will grant the tenant 10 days in order to pay the amounts due, to abandon the property or present a valid argument for not paying the rent. 

Once this period of time has passed and still no action has been taken by the tenant, the secretary will officially declare an eviction date. This will happen post an official request from the owner but will not require a court hearing. 

The steps to achieve a faster eviction need to be taken carefully. Spanish property owners who currently have problems with bad paying tenants should therefore seek immediate legal advice before acting. 

This is great news and a very positive step for Spanish property owners. 

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