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Fiestas in May
16 May 2012 @ 00:29


San Isidro-Patron Saint of Madrid 15th May

Obviously Madrid is the best place to enjoy the festivities, which begin from the Friday before the 15th, when the Mayor starts the proceedings with a speech. The numerous celebrations continue until the Sunday following when an enormous 'cocido Madrileno' is prepared and served. 

The dish can be traced back many centuries and has evolved over many years to what is today a chick-pea based stew containing vegetables, chorizo, morcilla de carne, (black pudding) pork belly, tocino, and bones from ork or beef. The night of San Isidro is given up to drinking and celebrating. 

San Isidro Madrid 2012

The fiesta also heralds the opening of the cities bullfighting season and the top matadors and breeders congregate to prepare. The citizens of Madrid dress themselves in the traditional dress of the city. The men wearing a flat checked cap, a waistcoat and neckerchief with the women dressed elegantly in long dresses, shawl and head scarf. 

Around the streets in central Madrid, the organ-grinders (barquilleros) dressed in San Isidro costumes distribute traditional sweets (barquillos) in memory of San Isidro who was a poor farmer who with his wife Santa Maria de la Cabeza helped the poor by distributing food. What was formerly and primarily a religious celebration has turned into a party-like and joyous fiesta. 

Like most of the traditional festivities. We say Viva Espana!

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