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New law passed to speed up eviction process in Spain New law passed to speed up eviction process in Spain
13 February 2012 @ 17:57

 As of 31 October 2011 the law has been reformed in order to speed up the procedures when claiming bad debts (Ley de medidas de agilización procesal) 


This is very good news for Spanish property owners who rent their property on a long term basis. 

The new law forces non-paying tenants to resolve their situation or leave the property without the agonizing wait for a court date.

When an owner sues a bad paying tenant the court clerk (Secretario judicial) will grant the tenant 10 days in order to pay the amounts due, to abandon the property or present a valid argument for not paying the rent. 

Once this period of time has passed and still no action has been taken by the tenant, the secretary will officially declare an eviction date. This will happen post an official request from the owner but will not require a court hearing. 

The steps to achieve a faster eviction need to be taken carefully. Spanish property owners who currently have problems with bad paying tenants should therefore seek immediate legal advice before acting. 

This is great news and a very positive step for Spanish property owners. 

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