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Telephone calls from Hell!!!
23 February 2012 @ 21:38

 Here's a Spanish joke that I have just translated. It made me chuckle and hope it cheers up those that are going through hard times 

Rajoy (Spanish Prime minister) Berlusconi (Ex Italian prime minister) and the queen of England find themselves in Hell…..

Berlusconi tells the queen of England that there is a hot line in hell and that he is going to ask permission to the devil to use it.

He quickly goes and makes his request to the devil in order to make a call to Italy in order to find out how the fate of the country is since his departure. The devil grants his request and he makes a call to Italy that lasts 2 minutes. On hanging up the devil informs that the call costs 3 million dollars and Berlusconi pays it.

On finding out the news, the queen also requests to use the hot line and makes a call to England that lasts 5 minutes. The Devil passes her a bill of 10 million pounds.

Rajoy also feels he should make a call to Spain in order to see how he had left the state of affairs so makes a call that lasts 3 hours. When he hangs up the devils says "that will be 25 cents please Mariano". Mariano is bewildered after hearing how much the others had to pay to make their calls, so he asks the devil why the hell was the call so damn cheap!

The devil replies:

“Now looky here Mr Rajoy, with the amount of unemployment, cut backs, the banks that have us all over a barrel, Merkel who also has more power than you, the strikes, the national health and educational problems, people loosing their minds, the lack of justice and ethics, the impunity and corruption, the state of the stock exchange and the premium risk,  the housing issues, the evictions and repossessions, manifestations and riots, police brutality and a runaway royal family, I am afraid to say that Spain is a living hell! The call you have made is from one hell to another and therefore is the cost of a local call".

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Sarah said:
24 February 2012 @ 16:35

That's funny, although I think it's probably funnier in Spanish than in English

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