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How to sell yur Spanish property in times of Crisis
21 February 2012 @ 13:39

Despite the rumours that the Spanish property world is on the brink of destruction the reality is that Spanish home owners that want to sell, still need to sell and have to do whatever it takes to sell, sell, sell!

Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Select estate agencies for the job

It is true that there are less of them around but the ones that are left are there for a reason, because they are good at what they do and are taking the bull by the horns. 

Interview several and take on the two that give you the best impression. Don´t take on any more than 2 at any one time and don´t ever sign an exclusivity agreement. Make the agencies work for their commission. 

Adjust and market your Spanish property for a realistic price

Forget about what the property cost you and forget about how much of a loss you may be expected to make. Leave your pride and your ego at the door. Those days are gone and realism is the only way forward. 

You simply have two options. Sell for the price the market is demanding or ride out the storm. 

Advertise your Spanish Home

Even though you have an agent trying to sell your property, be pro-active yourself. Advertise your property on the internet yourself and also with your local agent in the UK that deals with overseas property and get your property seen by more people. 

If you have a viewing, get your local agent involved and negotiate his / her commission for finding them the lead. As long as everybody makes something out of the deal in the end it is a job well done. Remember it is a numbers game at the end of the day. Who cares who gets the lead? Just get the house sold. 

Take pride in the appearance

Whether your property is closed up for many months of the year or if you are currently living in Spain, the way your present your home is very important. Large developers spend money in making sure that their show homes look and smell presentable. 

Do the same you would be surprised how much of a difference it makes. If the property is locked up for months on end, ask someone to do a periodic clean and air the property regularly. There is nothing worse than showing people around a home that smells like an old warehouse. 


If you are present when viewings take place make sure your potential buyers are made to feel at home. Let them walk freely around he house and don´t follow them around everywhere. If they have any questions they will ask.

Subtly accompany them and if they appear very interested make sure you allow them time to discuss the features of the home amongst themselves.

Don´t let them feel pressurized in any way and do not feed them with too much information all in one go. If they are really interested they will ask you and most likely arrange to view the property again. If it is a Spanish buyer that means with the whole family ;-) Go for it! As many viewings as it takes in order to get that sale.

The Bank

This is the hardest part of all at the moment. Banks are not willing to be flexible in any way and in many cases have actually stopped lending all together. Your potential buyer needs to have plenty of capital and a good income to even be considered as a potential mortgage candidate. 

Your agency should really determine this quickly to avoid making unnecessary viewings. One thing is to carry out viewings to get a sale and the other is to waste time. 

Good luck. Be pro-active, be flexible and NEVER, NEVER give up. 

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