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Spanish animals that need help

All the time I hear about Spanish animals that need help one way or another so this is for those animals

Pol is living in a dark garage ... can you offer him a loving home please?
27 February 2013 @ 20:31

  16th March: Pol is very nervous of large male dogs, he needs a home without these.

This is Pol, he was found wandering 3 months ago and rescued by a kind Spanish lady, she has tried everything she could think of to find him a home.

The poor dog has been living in her dark garage for the last 3 months as she has nowhere for him to go, she works all day and he is on his own most of the time.

He is a medium sized dog 12-15 kg. He is 19 inches from floor to shoulder & 21 inches from shoulder to base of tail. He is young about 1 year and seems sweet natured. He desperately needs to find somewhere to go. 

We are going to have him castrated & get him ready to travel. He is very friendly, he wants to play, he's good with children & female dogs. He is well behaved in the house.

He is in Chella, 40mins inland from Gandia, and can be transported. Urgent.

Contact Rosemary MacDonald Email  Tel: 962 922 234 


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