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Spanish animals that need help

All the time I hear about Spanish animals that need help one way or another so this is for those animals

STILL MISSING 23RD APRIL 2015 Help find Whiskas, a 10 year old dog from Benidorm
15 September 2014 @ 15:07



From the owner, Rosemarie Wardale

"Whiskas has been missing since the 31st July, we have done everything possible to get his little face out there so everyone can look out for him! 

He went missing from Benidorm (Cuidad Patricia area) He wasn't wearing his collar (BUT HE IS CHIPPED).

Denuncia has been done, local police know, they also have his poster, so do street cleaners and postman, we have put over a 1,000 posters of him around different areas........we're still doing morning and late afternoon searches for him, but no sign of him anywhere.

Please keep a look out for our gorgeous boy, we're heartbroken and just want him home where he belongs......he's nearly 10yrs old now, we were there when he was born, we have his brother (Chubbs) who also is missing him very much.....:( 

Our mobile numbers are 699246138 or 609155713. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this."

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Rosemarie Wardale said:
16 September 2014 @ 20:57

Thank you so much Janice.......praying our gorgeous boy comes home soon, our family isnt complete without him, please everyone look out for our boy, were desperate to get him home safe to us xxx

Rosemarie Wardale said:
28 September 2014 @ 12:10

60 days and our gorgeous boy is still missing, please everyone keep an eye out for him on the streets, maybe someone has taken him in? We miss him so much :( xx

Rosemarie Wardale said:
13 October 2014 @ 17:54

75 days now and our boy is still missing :( Please everyone keep your eyes peeled for him, if you know of anyone who has taken in a small dog in last couple of months, please look twice it maybe our gorgeous boy......Thank you xxx

Rosemarie Wardale said:
23 April 2015 @ 16:34

Our gorgeous boy is still missing :(

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