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Spanish animals that need help

All the time I hear about Spanish animals that need help one way or another so this is for those animals

Please support Isa's 4km sponsored walk for SCAN and ACTIN 11th May
04 May 2014 @ 11:08


**Please check edit at bottom of page added after blog post was 1st published ** 


"I am a Podenco Andaluz, one of those special Spanish hunting dogs with the extra big pointy ears. I didn't know I was special, but my two best human friends tell me all the time and that Podencos are all very special. 

I want to help the other Spanish dogs that live in the shelters, or on the streets because when I was a puppy someone left me at a shelter. I was only seven months old, I'm not sure what I did wrong but suddenly I had to share a pen with twenty other dogs, sleep on a cold concrete floor, and fight to get my food. I had some friends, but it was very cold in winter and very hot in summer. We got to play in the field once a week which was such fun. 

I spent 18 months there, and then one day my new best human friends came to see me, they took me away in a car and gave me a big cushion to sleep on and a blanket to cover me. Having human friends is the best. I want all the Spanish dogs and cats to have human friends. Please sponsor me to raise funds for the shelter and to help all dogs and cats have human friends."

Isa's thoughts are still with the Spanish dogs & cats suffering here in Spain so once again is doing the Sponsored walk in aid of SCAN & ACTIN on May 11th.

Last year Isa raised a whopping €400! We would like to beat that total this year.
Isa, (along with Nicki and Paul) will be joining SCAN on their annual sponsored walk. This year's event is on May 11th. Isa will be walking with one of the Rescue Dogs from SCAN.

If you would like to sponsor Isa you can either send money via paypal. Please note that there is a 50p paypal fee so the actual donation will be less, paypal email address

You can also do an online bank transfer, please contact Nicki for account details.

 All donations and sponsors will be documented and acknowledged on this page.

Once the event is complete and all sponsor money collected, proof of donations to each charity will also be posted on this page.

Isa is only looking for 1 euro or pound per km. (Please be aware Paypal charge 50p out of your donations)

 Thank you, in advance, for your kind & welcome donations!

Below: Here are some photographs of last year's walk that Isa did with Nicki & Paul.


It is in El Verger, near Denia.

There are two events taking place on the same day at the same time.

The Perroton is a 5 km race , the runners can run with their dog or without a dog, the prizes in this race will only be awarded to those runners who run with their dog. The race will be supervised with Veterinary support.

The Caminata , this is a 4 Km walk which is not strenuous. all walkers can take their dogs along with them to enjoy the stroll, this is NOT a race. The Caminata will be supervised with Veterinary support.

The events will have adequate water points and communication to ensure safety for both the animals and entrants.

Enter in advance till 9 May: 
SCAN Centre El Verger, SCAN Charity Shop in El Verger, El Verger Town Hall.


Entrance fee €5

Runners 5km
Walkers 4km

Start and Finish:
Runners: Parking Cemetary of El Verger
Walkers: Merandero of El Verger

Registration on the day 9.30am
start 10.30am

Trophies for the first three runners with dogs.

There will be a fiesta and bbq in the Merandero of El Verger after the event.

Below: Route for the walk.

Below: Route for the run.

* There are terms & conditions, please check.


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