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Spanish animals that need help

All the time I hear about Spanish animals that need help one way or another so this is for those animals

Hope for Spanish strays: Mr.Eddy
25 July 2015 @ 10:45

I've been been reading about tiny Eddy,  10 years old & who'd been kicked so badly this time by his owner his jaw had been broken. Please read about him & donate if you can. 
Many photos are in here along with his story.
If you don't use Facebook here is what was on the page to date.
We can need all the financial support we can get and are happy with every euro.

Mr. Eddy did arrive today. We are all in shock! His jaw is broken, his owner probably kicked him to hard this time. His skin looks awefull, and he is only skin and bones. His onwer did not even take him to the vet, did not want to spend money on a dog they had for 10 years... Mr. Eddy is dehydrated an almost died of hunger. Luckely he seems to be able to "eat" recovery and drink from a deep bowl. He needs to get stronger, tomorrow they will make an x-ray and next week hopefully he is strong enough to be operated. After all what happend to him he is still sweet and playfull, loves to cuddle too.

x-rays are made. Mr.Eddy was so scaredn in pain that he peed himself wet. But we have a clear photo now and he needs an operation asap! The traumaspecialist from Murcia is asked to come over, but it is saterday so no reaction untill Monday. He needs an operation this week! More food for him, expensive but the only food he can eat and the fluid with elctrolyten and fructose etc. against dyhydration for in his water as he is to skinny to give him this under the skin.

Mr. Eddy had his first poo today!!!!
That means that finaly he gets enough food inside and everything is still working inside. We were not sure if all the organs were still working as he is just skin and bones.
Mr. Eddy did eat a lot again and had his walks in the garden.

Mr.Eddy is fine and wants food. Wagging his tail everytime he sees me, so sweet.
Trying to contact the best traumasurgeon in the area to give him a chance to keep his lower jaws.. it seems it is an ugly fracture but weare not ready to except the lowerjaws will simply be removed and that's it.

Oke not gonna happen today as the place this specialist is has a holiday today... tomorrowmorning my vet is going to phone them again and send all the x-rays, videos and pictures to him. Hope I can come immidiatly. Long drive but worth to try.


This is really good...tonight I need to start an other antibiotics and other medication on him, than Thursday will go the the traumasurgeon in Novelda, they will see how they can recontruct his lowwerjaw by using other bones. Than next week they will do the operation and after that he needs to eat fluidfood for two mionths (not sure but think they also going to fixate the lower jaw so it can not move much. That should be enough to let him heal and after that he should be as good as new (for an old dog). Mr.Eddy is ssssssssssssssso sweet, I went away for some shopping (after waiting all those days next to the telephone for him I had nothing in the house), I came back and he was so happy to see me again did jump up to me and licks my face trying togive little kisses. cry-emoticon I mean who can harm a sweet good hearted dog like that? Think I need a lot of money for all this butves to get a chance to save his lower jaw!

This morning I did bring Mr.Eddy to the hospital. It was hard to leave him behind but they where real nice to him and they can give him the best care. He will have a smaller jaw than he has now and his tongue will always hang out a bit, but his nose should be on the right place again. Than I got the hospital billand it is BIG, real big but the other option is to put him to sleep and I can't do that as he is so full of life, he loves humans
and dogs and he is a happy guy. Sp I hope you all can think of ways how to collect more money to pay the bills. Up untill now I had to pay €70,- for the tranpsort to get him to my house, todays transportcosts are €30,- and probalby another €30,- next week, I do nt know what the vetbill at my own vet is but think that will not be hugs and the hospital bill is €1351,94. I had to pay already 70% of the operation so I did pay them €950,- today.

Please help me pay the bills for this sweetheart so he can experience a good and loving life within a few months.
At the moment he is in the hospital and he will be operated on Monday or Tuesday so he will be home end of the week and start his recovery. He has an English couple who would love to adopt him when they come to Spain to live here in September.

Donations please by PayPal to


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