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Spanish animals that need help

All the time I hear about Spanish animals that need help one way or another so this is for those animals

Kittens in Distress, Quesada, Rojales, Alicante area
Sunday, July 12, 2015 @ 12:40 PM

I only learnt about this small charity, Kittens in Distress,  very recently because, when my husband & I were at our holiday home outside Guardamar, a tiny ginger kitten around 10-12 weeks old, turned up one evening crying pitifully for attention, food & drink. From the Tuesday night until the Friday night my husband & I, along with our neighbours, cared for little Ginge as my husband called him.
Initially he was very nervous, he kept his distance so we could not touch him but, when we pretended to ignore him, he came to my husband for him to stroke. By the 2nd evening he was very much more ready for cuddles having been with our neighbours during the day, playing & sleeping under a tree for shade out of the hot sun. By the 3rd evening he just sat or slept on my husband's knees most of the time, he was beautiful & very funny.
I spent hours daily trying to find some charity who might take him as we were due to leave Spain the following Wednesday, our neighbours were leaving too, the day after us. The stress was terrible especially as some neighbours were very annoyed that we supposedly were encouraging a FERAL kitten, no way was this tiny thing feral. They caused us problems & life was difficult.
Facebook is a wonderful tool & eventually a lady called Yvonne from Pets in Spain, who could help me as they were full to capacity with no foster homes available, suggested I contact Kittens in Distress. 
Kittens in Distress work hand in hand with the 24 hour vets clinic in Guardamar, our nearest town.  They take in animals if they've room & try to rehome them. Thankfully, Veronica, a truly wonderful young woman who works at the clinic, told Kittens in Distress that, if my husband & I could take Ginge to them Friday evening between 7 & 9pm, they could care for him. To say we were elated is an understatement as we were so scared for Ginge if we had to leave him to fend for himself with the summer coming fast. It was hot enough then!
So Veterpets had Ginge & Kittens in Distress stayed in touch with us about him. A local lady who has many strays offered to have him & that was being looked into. Someone in Madrid was enquiring about him, he had a future. On Wednesday, before going to the airport, my husband & I called to see Ginge & he was happy to be held & cuddled, he loved being fussed & having cuddles. We came home to the UK late Wednesday night 1st July, wondering where Ginge was going. 
On Saturday morning I received a distressing message from Kittens in Distress telling me that Ginge had died! The vet had checked on him that morning, he'd not eaten & he was lethargic. He was taken into the hospital area where he died two hours later. The vet said this happens a lot to kittens born to unvaccinated mums. They've no immunity. They are fine but suddenly go downhill, passing away fast.
Everyone who'd come together to help this little guy were upset. For a while I was inconsolable. It is hard for me to write about him without glazed eyes. Our consolation is knowing he was loved & cared for that last ten days of his life & he died where he did, not suffering in the heat outside. 


Reg. Charity No. G54716121

"We have created this Facebook page to find loving homes mainly for the" less" (in social standards) beautiful and slightly disabled kittens. Unfortunately they are always dismissed but deserve the same, if not more, love!"
An insight from Kittens in Distress
"My charity, although legally registered, is small. I started by rescuing a few from my friend who had fed many strays, unfortunately not sterilised, she ended up with more than 20 kittens at one stage, all with eyes infections. That was 2 years ago. She asked me to help find adoptions, it is long story, but I ended up with few, that I could not find homes to, because they had one eye damaged etc. 
I am specialising in helping sick or injured cats and kittens as opposed to healthy kittens. I have registered the charity because many times I need to ask for donations for operations or transport, and it is illegal if not registered. In the meantime my little herd grew to 11 at the moment. 
On the Amazon there is a first story I wrote, about a kitten I have rescued. The small proceeds are going for my charity. I you have friends or kids in the family you can ask them to purchase it if they want to help in rescuing more. It's only £1 for the Kindle version, £3.80 for the paperback version.
You can read the reviews. Many animal lovers love it. I am currently working with a publisher in USA to have the book made in hard back and with more colour illustrations."
Please look at Kittens in Distress on Facebook & read about the work this lady does to help injured cats & kittens.
Help them out with a donation if you can too. PayPal
Also Veterpets in Guardamar who care so much. 

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Gwen said:
Tuesday, May 29, 2018 @ 9:03 PM

Hi there is a ginger kitten on the path next to avineda bar in Los paliocis it's been left by the mother can anyone pick it up I don't think it very well, so sad to see a kitten dying

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