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Spanish animals that need help

All the time I hear about Spanish animals that need help one way or another so this is for those animals

Alvaro, the sweetest 8 month old pup (originally from Hellin killing station) needs a home urgently, his previous one fell through, sadly.
23 February 2013 @ 15:53


Poor Alvaro, now 8 months old, from Hellin killing station, had a home but, sadly, circumstances have changed and we now need another home for him. He is a good boy with no issues at all. Please can someone offer him a home....he cannot go back to a pound.

BELOW: Here he is when he was in Hellin pound.

BELOW: And now...


He is really the sweetest happiest little dog who just wants desperately to be loved, & played with. 

Alvaro is not a large dog, maybe the photo makes him look bigger than he really is - he is smaller even than medium size - not sure if he is fully grown but he certainly is only a small dog currently & likely not to grow more. 

He has his passport, he is chipped & vaccinated but not castrated. Currently in Orihuela Costa, south of Torrevieja.

Email  Jo Worton

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