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People Watching

An everyday guide and one family's own experience of having fun people watching

Queues - Love em or Hate them
29 October 2009

There is no getting away from the fact that in England there are queues. The upside is they are great for people watching. How people react all depends on their attitude (and probably where else they think they should be) when they join the queue.

Sometimes, I can join a queue and just accept that it will take time and enjoy the people and things around me. Sometimes, (more often than I would like) I just do my nut. I must be great people watching material.

I’ve done it all, tapped my foot, huffed and puffed, looked at my watch. I have even asked people if they need help or can get help etc. It doesn’t work though, it just makes me more cross, more stressed and probably even funnier to watch. I did once ceremoniously dump my basket of shopping on the checkout and walk off. The thing is it made me feel OK for about 3 seconds but then I realised I was the idiot with no food for tea and that I would have to do it all over a again – duh.

So no matter what queue you are in – check in desk, supermarket or post office. Enjoy those extra 5 minutes to yourself and have look around.

You might see me joining the slowest queue!

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Wobbly Post !!!
15 October 2009

It was a random Sunday morning and we were waiting for a small car ferry to make a harbour crossing. It was a bit cold and very windy blowing up off the sea and there was this post which I suppose used to have some kind of road sign on it once but now it was just a grey post.

Not really odd in itself, and probably something I would not even have given a second look to, but on this windy day it was vibrating like mad in the wind and it looked and sounded so completely weird that it instantly made me giggle and I just had to stop to watch it.

I looked round to see if anyone else had noticed but most were just head down in the jacket and scuttling past.  Both my wife and our 6yr old son giggled and then others started to look as well. It was fascinating to see what people did.

Many didn’t see it.
I stopped, giggled and watched.
A bloke walked right up for a close inspection, walked all the way round it, shook his head and walked off. It obviously bothered him in some way but there was no way he was going to attempt to stop it or touch it.

Two kids, ran straight over giggling and gave it a big hug. It vibrated straight through them as they hugged and danced round it making them laugh even louder; it was great to watch and hear.

Its great to take time to look around you and amazing what might make you laugh. If you are as brave as a child, then hug a post today!

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Words Fail Me!
03 October 2009

So there we are enjoying a coffee outside and watching the world go by in a nice seaside town. The weather is beautiful and it seems everyone is taking the chance to squeeze in a sunny day out. I actually heard people saying 'this is great, could be the last good weekend before the winter'.

Then in the distance I spotted an elderly couple walking towards me, my jaw dropped, hubby instantly saw my face and followed my gaze. I wasn't the first to see it (I could tell by the ripple of other jaws dropping around me).

Seventy if she was a day, floaty pale cream very short dress, very low halter neck, no bra, not some much a VPL more of you could see they were grey the elastic was going and the label was hanging out. Not to mention the ample unmentionables making a bid for freedom from the halter neck.

UN- believable! I picked my jaw up and followed them until out of view. I was speechless others were less restrained and I am sorry to say we did share a number of cheeky giggles with the people around us.

People, all different and often surprise me - brilliant x

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I'm starting a People Watching blog
02 October 2009

It's harmless, great fun and just about everybody does it.  It's time to share my family's own experiences and to hear from others.    Where are the best places for people watching?  What do you see and what games do you play?

We are lucky eneough to live pretty close to the coast and if our seven year old son would let us I'm sure my wife and I would sit for hours watching the world go by.

Did you see that hat she was wearing? Who do you think told her she looks good in that? ... and in the middle of summer as well !!!!!

Please join in and share your own people watching experiences

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