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People Watching

An everyday guide and one family's own experience of having fun people watching

Wobbly Post !!!
15 October 2009 @ 15:04

It was a random Sunday morning and we were waiting for a small car ferry to make a harbour crossing. It was a bit cold and very windy blowing up off the sea and there was this post which I suppose used to have some kind of road sign on it once but now it was just a grey post.

Not really odd in itself, and probably something I would not even have given a second look to, but on this windy day it was vibrating like mad in the wind and it looked and sounded so completely weird that it instantly made me giggle and I just had to stop to watch it.

I looked round to see if anyone else had noticed but most were just head down in the jacket and scuttling past.  Both my wife and our 6yr old son giggled and then others started to look as well. It was fascinating to see what people did.

Many didn’t see it.
I stopped, giggled and watched.
A bloke walked right up for a close inspection, walked all the way round it, shook his head and walked off. It obviously bothered him in some way but there was no way he was going to attempt to stop it or touch it.

Two kids, ran straight over giggling and gave it a big hug. It vibrated straight through them as they hugged and danced round it making them laugh even louder; it was great to watch and hear.

Its great to take time to look around you and amazing what might make you laugh. If you are as brave as a child, then hug a post today!

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