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An everyday guide and one family's own experience of having fun people watching

Would you mind awfully !!
06 November 2009 @ 11:34

When we can, we use our local small town airport to go abroad. It has been upgrading itself over recent years from little more than a shed to the beginnings of one of the usual glass and chrome clones.

On our last journey from there I was pleased to hear that in some respects it is managing to retain its local quirkiness.

I was letting the early morning departure lounge noise wash over me sat listening to the usual announcements – “this is the last call for Ryanair flight to Reus, would all remaining passengers report immediately to gate 2 - failure to do this will result in your removal from the flight.”

The normal sort of stuff. Then I heard this. Word for word….

“Good morning, the Palmair flight to Tenerife will be boarding shortly. We board by row number and I have written your row number on the top left of your boarding card. Now, would rows 10 to 16 mind awfully coming forward with your passports ready. I would like to welcome you on board and wish you a very happy holiday.”

I was amazed to see the calm and gentle air with which all passengers then boarded when instructed by their allocated row number. No pushing no rushing or shoving. Brilliant!

Such a sharp contrast to the stampeed, which is so often invoked by those airlines that do not allocate seat numbers.

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VickiT said:
06 November 2009 @ 11:50

Was this Bournemouth airport? Until he died a few years ago, Sir Peter Bath (owner of Palmair) used to get on board the Palmair flights and walk down the plane wishing everyone a happy holiday. Real old-school!

Mad Hatter said:
06 November 2009 @ 15:02

Hi yes, it was Bournemouth. It' is local for us and so convenient. Becuase they have so few flights they turn the flights around very quickly. On one occasion we landed on the runway at 10:20pm and we were at home having a cup of tea by 10:45pm. I must travel palmair one day, just for the experience.

VickiT said:
06 November 2009 @ 17:51

Local for me too and so convenient for my regular visits to Malaga. As you say, it's great to know that once you've landed you're 'home' - I'm just a 10 minut cab drive away. Palmair is a brilliant airline, I've flown with them to Mallorca a few times.

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