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People Watching

An everyday guide and one family's own experience of having fun people watching

I'm starting a People Watching blog
02 October 2009 @ 16:05

It's harmless, great fun and just about everybody does it.  It's time to share my family's own experiences and to hear from others.    Where are the best places for people watching?  What do you see and what games do you play?

We are lucky eneough to live pretty close to the coast and if our seven year old son would let us I'm sure my wife and I would sit for hours watching the world go by.

Did you see that hat she was wearing? Who do you think told her she looks good in that? ... and in the middle of summer as well !!!!!

Please join in and share your own people watching experiences

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Phil said:
02 October 2009 @ 18:41

Airports - Brillant!
Games to play
Points for spotting:-
The P**s Artist
The Looney
The arguing couple
The 'I dont want to be here' Checkin Clerk
and 10 points for a smiling Customs Officer

Flirt Alert (for couples only)
if you get a smile from
Opposite sex 1 point
Same sex 2 points
End of the holiday add up the points
Winner buys loser a meal

como tu quieres said:
03 October 2009 @ 00:26

Keep your eyes on the administrators,community presidents,&committee...members and neighbours who never hear sceaming holiday makers.. as they all have onething common.. "A hidden motive"...but ignore the fluctuating €€€.

Hondon Valley Man said:
20 October 2009 @ 16:04

Yes secretly I am a people watcher (aren't we all ?), especially at airports, doctors waiting rooms, street cafes, etc. ... but don't forget "someone is watching you, watching them" !

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