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Confessions of a Property Manager

Hi, I'm Lisa and in my blog I'm going to be spilling the beans on what it's really like to be a property manager in Spain looking after other people's properties. Your wouldn't believe some of the things that I see and happen to me. I'm going to be telling you all about it!

Property Management 24/7
30 June 2008 @ 01:03

I never realised when I fell into this job that it would mean that you couldn’t have a day off! At the moment work is intense due to last minute rentals for July. Luckily August is now fully booked except perhaps the last few days so it means that we can get everything booked in.
Our “full steam ahead” will start on 26th July when we have 6 meet and greets to do in the same day. There is a party of Norwegians coming down - at last count there is about 18 of them going to various apartments so that will be fun! We also have a very busy day on 9th August with 6 same day changeovers and another 3 apartments coming in the next day. 
My mother has found an apartment she likes so she is moving out after 2 ½ years with us. The apartment is nice but there are a few repairs to deal with and a great deal of cleaning to do. I still wonder how it is that every new “long term” apartment we visit has numerous light bulbs out. Do people move about in the dark? Every bulb in the living room was out, how do people live like that? Do they live by candle light because it is too much hassle to change a bulb? 
I hate moving and I hate moving in June/July even more – we did one trip today with stuff and the sweat was dripping off me – it is too hot to move but as work is an every day occurrence and people email for apartments daily! We have to fit moving around work. We have to take calls and deal with issues as we move furniture, cases and boxes from one place to another. Although Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest I have spent the morning catching up with emails then moving furniture. 
The good news is that when Joy moves out I will have a spare room so everyone is having a move around so I can have a room as an office! Yippeee!!!! I won’t know myself, no more screaming at the children to stop putting their stuff on my desk, no more paperwork covering the dining room table. No more running from room to room to hide from them when I need to take an important call. I can have a proper office set up and the first thing I will do is put a lock on the door!!

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stu said:
30 June 2008 @ 14:25

I work from home too and I know what you mean about the kids. I'm forever screaming at them to shut up. Why do they always ask me for things just as I answer an important call?

Congrats on your new office room and definitely put that lock on the door.

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