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Confessions of a Property Manager

Hi, I'm Lisa and in my blog I'm going to be spilling the beans on what it's really like to be a property manager in Spain looking after other people's properties. Your wouldn't believe some of the things that I see and happen to me. I'm going to be telling you all about it!

New Properties - teething problems
01 April 2008 @ 23:58

What a busy week!  We have managed to get a long term rental in a new property in Sabinillas. However, there have been a few teething problems.  Some small ones which were easily fixed but the main problem is that when you put 3 rings on the oven hob the fuse trips at the main fuse box.  Even if there is nothing else on in the apartment at the time it trips the fuse after a few seconds.  I had to leave the electrician testing all the fuses today so I am currently waiting on his report.

It is a little embarrasing when this happens when the tenants have literally just moved in.  My advice to all owners is to check that everything is in working order before you pass the apartment over to be let.  Check that the electrics can cope with the hob and oven on at the same time.  Also check that the air con is working and/or heating.  If at all possible I would live in the apartment for a week, cook in it, use everything, simply to ensure that everything is in working order.  You normaly have a month to snag so best to be as indepth as possible, it is very hard to get the developers to look at anything once they have your snag list signed off.

We currently have an apartment at Coto Real which has a leak in the communal area above the front door, the water runs down and drips onto the front door, this caused it to swell and the owners were in a situation where they couldn't leave because they could not close the door. They were really worried as they had to fly back the day it happened and had visions of being stuck in their apartment because they couldn't shut the door!  We had to send a maintenance guy in to adjust the door so that it would close.  This issue has been reported to the community office who have sent out a guy to check the situation, he said that it was a common problem and would file a report to the developers.  This was in February, we have yet to hear anything constructive from the developers, they love to pass the problem back to the communtiy office.  There have been so many emails sent from one to the other it makes you dizzy.  As the weather has been sunny recently they presume that everyone will have forgotten the problem and perhaps we will all go away and leave them alone.  Sorry - we will keep emailing until something is done!



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Pamela said:
28 May 2008 @ 15:28

Hi Lisa:

I have also a client in Coto Real who had ordered an extra chair for the terrace. I was delivering the chair, got into the lift, suddenly started going down instead of up and ended in the garage but the door wouldn't open.
I was stuck for 20 mins as the electricity had been TURNED OFF so the lift didn't work but neither did the emergency telephone. I screamed and banged on the ceiling until a passing workman heard me & called a maintenance to let me out. His comment was that they repitedly having problems with the lifts!

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