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Spanish Street Dogs; the other Waifs and Strays.

Spanish Street Dogs; the other Waifs and Strays is about the many and varied dogs that we find around our village. Many are abandonados, some are just plain lost, all are real characters, mostly streetwise but occasionally foolhardy.
These are some of the stories...

Definitely Not Wiafs and Strays... A Black Day for Spain.
17 September 2013

Shame on you, Spain.

Despite the wishes and protests of millions of people worldwide the ritual slaughter of Vulcano the bull selected at short notice for this years Torneo Toro de la Vega took place this morning.

He died, never knowing why, at around 1120am having been chased, tormented, tortured physically and psychologically, and finally stabbed to death.

RIP Vulcano.

Picture courtesy of Pacma Madrid.

This is dedicated to Vulcano and the hundreds more like him that will die in agony in the bullrings in this unforgiving and unforgivable country.

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Definitely NOT Waifs and Strays... Mierdesillas... The Show must Go On...
13 September 2013

There is an old saying...'be careful what you wish for.''

On Friday of last week, Langosto, the bull selected for this years infamous Toro de la Vega, literally locked horns with one of his stablemates and came off second best... his horn broke; a not uncommon incident of such encounters. Along with I guess literally thousands in not millions of people worlwide, I breathed a sigh of relief...Langosto would be spared the ritual torture, having become unfit... or as the Mayor of Tordesillas, Jose Antonio Gonzales Poncelo put it, unfit for slaughter...

For months the world and his uncle have been pouring messages into the Tordesillas mayors office, the Office of Valladolid regional authority, the office of Castille-Leon Provincial authority, the office of the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, and Spanish Embassies worldwide decrying this ritual psychologigical and physical torture and slaughter. All had the authority and the opportunity to cancel the event... but no...

The Show Must Go On.

A new victim, Vulcano, was allegedly, personally selected by Senor Gonzales...

I have a message for Snr Gonzales, repeated from my previous post...

Snr Gonzales... the world has pronounced its judgement upon you, the other members of the Selection Committee and your town's murderous activity.

May you all rot in hell for what you and your sponsors are doing..

Tradition or not, there is absolutely no place for this kind of extreme behaviour in the 21st Century.




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Vulcano the new victim of Toro del la Vega
13 September 2013

Vulcano, The New victim.of Tordesillas

September 8, 2013 in Toro de la Vega | Toro de la Vega  2013 Vulcano

On Friday we learned that Langosto, the bull chosen for the macabre tradition Toro de la Vega in Tordesillas  He had broken one of his horns and was not fit to slaughter.

Now we know who will be the animal to take its place.

His name is Vulcan, a colorado bull 580 kg, will be the martyr of this year in the fields of Tordesillas.

The mayor, José Antonio González Poncela (PSOE), the town elected him personally.

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Definitely NOT Waifs and Strays... Bloodlust in Tordesillas, the Toro de la Vega.
02 September 2013

Meet Langosto... a five year old Spanish bull who has been spared the outrages of the bullring...

Unfortunately he will not live to see his sixth birthday in October because he has been selected as this years victim in the infamous Toro de La Vega which is scheduled to occur in Tordesillas on September 17th. He will meet his end at around 12midday having been systematically chased, poked and jeered at by hundreds if not thousands of supporters and systematically tortured to death by the chosen ones in this annual bloodlust carnival.

At 11am he will be released from his crate into the streets of Tordesillas, amidst exploding fireworks and rockets, and chased through slippery streets across a narrow bridge and into a field just outside of town. There he will be subjected to a prolonged torture session involving men (and women) on foot and on horseback armed with spears and lances, each one 'trying' to find a kill shot that will put an end to his suffering. Only very rarely is the kill shot found immediately, indeed it seems to be the one aim of the contenders to prolong the spectacle for as long as possible, deliberately avoiding shots that will terminate the proceedings.

After God knows how many assaults from the 12" long spears attached to 8'  long lances, the bull will collapse to its knees. mortally wounded but still very much alive. As the animals blood loss weakens him even further and he becomes no longer able to pose a threat, further lance attacks are made, normally culminating in repeated stabbing to the animals back, neck, shoulders and his head until he finally dies... The whole performance from start to finish can take over an hour...

The animals tail and it's scrotum complete with testicles are cut off and awarded to the 'hero' who makes the final killing blow.

The Ayuntimiento of Tordesillas receives thousands of protests and hundreds of petitions containing even more thousands of signatures every year about this needless ritual slaughter , but elects to do nothing quoting tradition and culture. The current Mayor of Tordesillas has even stated that whilst the animal may feel pain it doesnt suffer...

This is supposed to be a civilised country. HA!  Pathetic... blood lust carnivals like this have their basis in a rite of passage into adulthood that went out with the 'Clan of the Cave Bear.'

To all those who would support these blood lust carnivals I say "for fuck's sake grow up" You do the credibility of Spain no good whatsoever. To those who would sponsor such activities as this and San Fermin and all the bullfights in Spain I say this...


It's not art, it's not culture, it's certainly not sport... it's the ritual slaughter of one of natures finest for nothing more than entertainment and to line the pockets of the chosen few and just to add insult to injury the whole fuckin' thing is televised nationally...

Last years contest was declared Null and Void because the animal was killed outside of the prescribed area... Null and void? How the fuck can it be Null and Void?... the animal still died, slowly and hideously in an ever growing pool of blood.The screaming hordes still got their moneys worth and the Sponsors got there premiums for staging the event. I'm sure the bull would appreciate knowing that he died needlessly...

A footnote to those who would post replies to this blogpost supporting this kind of activity... Don't Bother. All such posts will be deleted without comment. This is a blogpost not a bloody forum....




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