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Spanish Street Dogs; the other Waifs and Strays.

Spanish Street Dogs; the other Waifs and Strays is about the many and varied dogs that we find around our village. Many are abandonados, some are just plain lost, all are real characters, mostly streetwise but occasionally foolhardy. These are some of the stories...

Waifs and Strays... Please Read
18 September 2012 @ 20:49

This is a very distressing post to write.

This morning I was called to a meeting with the mayoress of our village to discuss our situation.  The majority of the villagers,  whilst not actively supporting our actions in rescuing the village abandonados and taking them into our home, at least understand why we did it. For the most part they were just glad to get them off the streets.

One very near neighbour however now suffers from Alzheimers and is on medication and needs her sleep (but dont we all!) and what little support we did have seems to be fading fast.

I suspect the complaints come from her. and so,  since OH is in England at the moment so I am having to face this on my own. The meeting with the mayoress whilst friendly enough, left me in no doubt that the noise has to stop, or official action will be taken and I could lose all the dogs, those guilty and those not guilty....!

Problem is there is nowhere local that deals with abandonados other than the official perreras and they are just killing stations. I have no idea how my vet would react to a request for euthanasia. But I might be forced to take this action as a last resort.

I have to rehouse 5 at least... the ones most likely to make a noise. It breaks my heart to do so but I fully appreciate that we have an obligation to the neighbours.

The problem was exacerbated recently because we had an influx of mice and of course, being nocturnal, they set the dogs off at the worst possible time. Obviously I cant use poisons or baited traps because of the dogs,so I bought a load of humane traps and have 'liberated' a number of the mice thus caught. This problem seems to be under control.

I have to be seen to be doing something about the noise in the meantime; I have contacted all of my sources and so throw this open to my readers.

I am at my wits end here, I've alwways tried to be a good neighbour but its all going pear shaped... Any helpful responses to foxbat via the eos pm system.


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