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Spanish Street Dogs; the other Waifs and Strays.

Spanish Street Dogs; the other Waifs and Strays is about the many and varied dogs that we find around our village. Many are abandonados, some are just plain lost, all are real characters, mostly streetwise but occasionally foolhardy. These are some of the stories...

Definitely NOT Waifs and Strays... Bloodlust in Tordesillas, the Toro de la Vega.
02 September 2013 @ 18:38

Meet Langosto... a five year old Spanish bull who has been spared the outrages of the bullring...

Unfortunately he will not live to see his sixth birthday in October because he has been selected as this years victim in the infamous Toro de La Vega which is scheduled to occur in Tordesillas on September 17th. He will meet his end at around 12midday having been systematically chased, poked and jeered at by hundreds if not thousands of supporters and systematically tortured to death by the chosen ones in this annual bloodlust carnival.

At 11am he will be released from his crate into the streets of Tordesillas, amidst exploding fireworks and rockets, and chased through slippery streets across a narrow bridge and into a field just outside of town. There he will be subjected to a prolonged torture session involving men (and women) on foot and on horseback armed with spears and lances, each one 'trying' to find a kill shot that will put an end to his suffering. Only very rarely is the kill shot found immediately, indeed it seems to be the one aim of the contenders to prolong the spectacle for as long as possible, deliberately avoiding shots that will terminate the proceedings.

After God knows how many assaults from the 12" long spears attached to 8'  long lances, the bull will collapse to its knees. mortally wounded but still very much alive. As the animals blood loss weakens him even further and he becomes no longer able to pose a threat, further lance attacks are made, normally culminating in repeated stabbing to the animals back, neck, shoulders and his head until he finally dies... The whole performance from start to finish can take over an hour...

The animals tail and it's scrotum complete with testicles are cut off and awarded to the 'hero' who makes the final killing blow.

The Ayuntimiento of Tordesillas receives thousands of protests and hundreds of petitions containing even more thousands of signatures every year about this needless ritual slaughter , but elects to do nothing quoting tradition and culture. The current Mayor of Tordesillas has even stated that whilst the animal may feel pain it doesnt suffer...

This is supposed to be a civilised country. HA!  Pathetic... blood lust carnivals like this have their basis in a rite of passage into adulthood that went out with the 'Clan of the Cave Bear.'

To all those who would support these blood lust carnivals I say "for fuck's sake grow up" You do the credibility of Spain no good whatsoever. To those who would sponsor such activities as this and San Fermin and all the bullfights in Spain I say this...


It's not art, it's not culture, it's certainly not sport... it's the ritual slaughter of one of natures finest for nothing more than entertainment and to line the pockets of the chosen few and just to add insult to injury the whole fuckin' thing is televised nationally...

Last years contest was declared Null and Void because the animal was killed outside of the prescribed area... Null and void? How the fuck can it be Null and Void?... the animal still died, slowly and hideously in an ever growing pool of blood.The screaming hordes still got their moneys worth and the Sponsors got there premiums for staging the event. I'm sure the bull would appreciate knowing that he died needlessly...

A footnote to those who would post replies to this blogpost supporting this kind of activity... Don't Bother. All such posts will be deleted without comment. This is a blogpost not a bloody forum....




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morerosado said:
02 September 2013 @ 18:16

" The current Mayor of Tordesillas has even stated that whilst the animal may feel pain it doesnt suffer..."


foxbat said:
02 September 2013 @ 18:19

Wouldn't we all...!

Anwen Haynes said:
02 September 2013 @ 21:40

This torment and cruelty is the SHAME OF SPAIN! It belongs in the distant past.If they want to keep the tradition make a mechanical effigy and chase that as part of the festivities.

Anwen Haynes said:
02 September 2013 @ 21:43

Even better idea- dress the mayor up and chase him- he thinks that the bull doesn't suffer. I am sure that a lot of the mayors constituents would enjoy prodding him with sticks.

Poppyseed said:
04 September 2013 @ 04:00

GRIN have posted this on Facebook

A protest against the cruel killing of Langosto the bull at the yearly festival called Toro de la Vega will not go unnoticed by the work of PACMA. The protest will be Sat. Nov. 14 at 5 pm in Madrid. The good people of Spain have had enough of this bloodshed. I wish all of us here in the states could join with them to show the EU that we are with them. All animals including galgos and podencos and all hunting dogs and bulls need protection against backwards traditions that enjoy bloodshed..We are with you PACMA..

foxbat said:
04 September 2013 @ 11:01

I tried initially to put a similar post on my Facebook Page but given that I wanted to make a maximum impact with the photographs and that FB will not permit vertical stacking of pics, decided instead to put it on here with a link from Facebook (
In the days leading up to the event I will post more entries to FB linking back to this blogpost. It would appear that the webpages and FB pages of all of the leading animal rights organisation here in Spain, led by PACMA / CACMA are carrying equally graphic photographs and mass protests are being arranged both at the event and in cities across Spain.
What is actually needed of course is for SEPRONA, the wildlife and nature protection branch of the Guardia Civil, to step in and arrest all of the participants, the sponsors and the organisers of the event and to do what they are actually paid to do which is to prosecute all acts of animal cruelty. This of course is extremely unlikely. The Head Honcho of SEPRONA will not even admit that there is a problem relating to the mistreatment of Galgos and Podencos, referring to the situation as a 'Black Legend' despite receiving hundreds of complaints and photographs every month.
A change of attitude is needed across the board, across the country; a Government or EU funded but independent organisation with some teeth; instaed of which the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU continues to fund and encourage these outrageous festivals.
The likes of political groups such as PACMA carry the voice of a lot of the Spanish populace, but regretably when it comes to elections, local and national their efforts are largely thwarted by the existing two-party state of PP and PSOE.
Events such as San Fermin in Pamplona and the Toro de la Vega bring in vast amounts of money to the local economies and unfortunately will continue to do so... At the end of the day it is now what it has always been... it's not about art, or culture or tradition, it's all about MONEY.
It has been suggested that the popularity of bullfighting festivals is on the wane... I see little evidence of this here in Andalucia, it's just as popular as ever. Peaceful protesters are physically manhandled by the Police... still, small voices crying in a wilderness of despair...

Juan said:
04 September 2013 @ 11:48

This is a barbaric event and shows no respect for the bull. Even the the Spanish bull fighters are against this event. They firmly believe it detracts from the real world of Tauromaquia. Some may consider it to be no different but in the world of Tauromaquia there is a respect for the bull even though it may lose its life in the end, the motive is not slaughter or torture or blood, even though it may not appear that way to those who don't understand it, nor does it make it right mind you. But just as an observation as to the brutality of this event even professionals of the bull fighting ring can't defend this act and would like it abolished .

Viviana Segade said:
06 September 2013 @ 03:13

Langosto. El toro de los cuernos extraños, de la mano derecha extraña, el toro con posibles taras físicas que no van a impedir sea atravesado por lanzas brutales, obscenas, en manos de hombres cerriles, embrutecidos, torpes, vacíos de compasión, de empatía, de amor; palurdos crueles en pleno siglo veintiuno. En Tordesillas 2013 habrá miles de personas en contra de esta ejecución absurda, unos gritarán por impotencia, otros callaran por miedo, pero todos nos sentiremos atravesados por esas lanzas sin sentido, muertos por esa muerte estéril de un animal desorientado, indefenso….

Vanessa said:
06 September 2013 @ 07:18

So sad. I don't understand the meaning of this "activity"! Where is the pleasure to torture till death an animal ?!

foxbat said:
06 September 2013 @ 10:08

May you rot in hell for your vile actions.
Ojalá te pudras en el infierno por sus viles acciones

Viviana ... Gracias por tus comentarios.
Vanessa ... Thank you for your comments.

Alf Olofsson said:
06 September 2013 @ 10:17

im disgusted, there is no words for the politicans and citizents that support it. im as well curious why EU support this financial.

alexis said:
06 September 2013 @ 12:56

Lixo de lugar!!! tomara que os desgraçados que maltratam animais morram de uma forma lenta e sofrida! bando de malditos.

foxbat said:
06 September 2013 @ 13:00

Alexis... obrigado pelo seu comentário.

foxbat said:
06 September 2013 @ 13:14

Alf... Thank you for your comment. As I understand it, funding from the EU's Common Agricultural Policy is meant to support small farmers in times of economic difficulty. Funding is directed to the member Governments and thence to the farmers... In the case of Spain, Portugal and I believe, France some of this funding is syphoned off and and directed to the breeders of the bulls.
Indirectly therefore, whether we would wish it or not, our taxation is being used to support these bloodletting events...

Poppyseed said:
06 September 2013 @ 13:50

This business upsets and angers me so much I find it difficult to make a coherent, printable comment. What I would like to do to the evil backward supporters and participants of this barbarity knows no bounds and involves inflicting the same torture to that suffered by the bulls. I am shocked that tax payers money is being used in this way. I wish the campaigners against this evil every success and will support them any way I can.

foxbat said:
06 September 2013 @ 14:06

Juan... I noted your comment when it first appeared but decided not to answer at the time. However, I would question your remark that the professionals associated with Tauromaquia cannot defend the event and would like it banned... If they are so much against it, why do they support the rest of the Fiesta which features so much torment of the bulls? Why do they support the traditional bull-fights in Tordesillas that precede the main event? their distaste of the Toro de la Vega would carry 'mucho mas credibilidad' if they were to boycott the whole of the Fiesta. As for having respect for the animals, I disagree completely. Tradition it may be but the ritual stabbing and deep probing of the wounds inflicted by the picadors, the actions of the toreadors with the barbed banderillas, the pretreatment of the bulls before they ever enter the ring shows no respect whatsoever. It is what it is; the slow and painful torture of one of nature's finest creatures, genetically altered by man in an effort to make it more ferocious, by a bunch of highly overpaid prima-donnas. Even the death blow, the coup de grace, delivered via the estoque, is rarely successful in dropping the animal in its tracks; more often than not the rapier misses the heart completely, instead, puncturing the lungs and other organs... causing the animal to vomit blood. It has been shown on many occasions that the bull is still alive when its ears and tail are hacked off. Not dead, but paralised by the sometimes repeated stabbings with the puntilla, cutting the spinal cord. That is not respect... it's utter contempt.

foxbat said:
06 September 2013 @ 14:10

Poppyseed... Thank you. I am in 100% agreement with you. There can be no excuse for this barbarism. Bull fighting itself is bad enough but the Toro de la Vega just defies description...

Juan said:
06 September 2013 @ 14:47

Hi, I understand your position but you are no thinking like a bull fighter, you need to put yourself in their shoes to understand their disgust. For them it is totally different. The bull-fight in the ring for them is not a a question of torturing the bull for fun nor are they on a blood thirsty quest to kill and mutilate a bull like they are in Tordesillas. The traditional tauromaquia is nothing of the sort even though it may be seen in the same light by someone who is not from that world. The bull fighters show a huge amount of respect for the bull, they do not gain pleasure from inflicting pain on the animal. Bull fighting is not about killing the bull it is about getting the bull to do what you want it to do, connecting with the animal and controlling its "bravura". If the animal shows an outstanding display of bravura it is applauded by the crowd and the bullfighter will decide if it leaves the ring alive. This is the greatest accolade a bullfighter can achieve and this is what every bullfighter would love to do every time they go into the ring. Unfortunately not all bulls show the same level of "bravura" and when their time is up they are no use anymore for bullfighting, this is not because of their wounds but because a bull can only go into the ring once, it will never react a second time. The wounds inflicted by the picadors or the banderilleros are not mortal wounds and heal quickly. don't get me wrong I am not condoning it, just giving you their view point. It is the matador that actually kills the bull, sometimes quickly and sometimes not so quickly depending on his skill, but his goal is to kill it as quickly as possible, if he screws up he will not be rewarded so everything moves around respect for the bulls bravery and a quick death. in the worst case it probably dies no slower than many bulls in a slaughter house which have survived the stun gun and been hung and quartered alive after kicking around for 10 minutes. Animal cruelty is everywhere but in bullfighting the bull is respected and worshipped so to speak, it is the centre of attraction and the matador has to harness that power and control it in the best way possible reading the animal and its reactions. He is not thinking "stab it again!!! lets see more blood!" Whihc is what happens in Tordesillas. The bull destined for the ring is treated with the utmost respect and care before it enters the ring all this talk that it is tortured and mistreated before being released into the ring is just nonsense and to have a serious debate on the issue, people should get their facts right. So the only way you can understand their point of view is by thinking like them and understanding what motivates them. When you say highly over-paid "prima-donnas", I assume you are talking about 4 or 5 bullfighter in the entire country. The majority "torean" for free in the beginning and many even pay to be allowed in the ring so those who actually earn a good living from bullfighting are a very few. Whether you like their outfit or not they are certainly not prima-donnas and have nerves of steel. I doubt very much that the average person would step in front of the 500kg bull and don't forget the matador has no defense apart from its cape until the moment arrives to kill the bull. So he is at risk and many bullfighters are gored ever year. I am not saying this is right but to have a serious debate on the topic you must understand the motives and the differences between the different "fiestas".

foxbat said:
06 September 2013 @ 17:45

In England we have a phrase "I hear what you are saying..." and it invariably comes from someone who disagrees with a point or points being made and is usually a veiled, contemptuous response... I am not about to address the remark to you!
I accept your point of view, but statistics indicate that support for the anti-taurino movement is increasing daily.
Any act by man which directly or indirectly inflicts pain and suffering on other sentient beings is completely unacceptable, no matter under which guise it is carried out, be it in an open killing field as in the case of the Toro de la Vega, the bullring, the abbatoir, the Northern Icepacks, (seal culling), or the Dolphin Killing Fields of Taiji in Japan.
That's about all I have to say on the matter...

Juan said:
06 September 2013 @ 19:29

That was not my personal point of view.... I was answering your questions : "If they are so much against it, why do they support the rest of the Fiesta which features so much torment of the bulls? Why do they support the traditional bull-fights in Tordesillas that precede the main event?" The only personal opinion I wrote was saying that I know for a fact that the bulls are not mistreated before going into the ring and that I didn't think bull fighters were "prima-donnas" for various reasons even though I don't particularly like their pink tights. However you must understand the motives to judge the crime. That is the difference between the fiestas from the professional bullfighter's point of view. I don't support bullfighting nor do I like it, but I do see that the bullfighters mind set is very different to a hunters mindset so yes I do think they are "less" guilty than a savage hunter who kills for fun. As far as animal suffering goes they are no different. But these are two different debates. However your comment : "Any act by man which directly or indirectly inflicts pain and suffering on other sentient beings is completely unacceptable" I think it is a bit utopian given that it completely goes against nature. Pain and suffering unfortunately is inflicted on most sentient beings before we eat them. So what is the solution? Should the whole world go vegetarian? Obviously with the event you are campaigning against it is very clear that it is a savage and bloodthirsty rampage but where do you draw the line?

foxbat said:
06 September 2013 @ 20:37

Juan... Thank you!
Should the whole world go vegetarian...
Where do you draw the line...
I don't have answers to these questions and neither does anyone else.
I don't know if you are familiar with the documentary film 'Earthlings'... I saw it first about three years ago on Youtube... it is to me, the most powerful argument against specie ism. A tragic reflection of the times we live in. From one posters introduction...
"EARTHLINGS is the single most powerful and informative documentary about society's tragic and unforgivable use of nonhuman animals, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix with soundtrack by Moby. Directed by Shaun Monson, this multi-award winning film by Nation Earth is a must-see for anyone who cares about nonhuman animals or wishes to make the world a better place."
Definitely not for the faint hearted...

Keith said:
08 September 2013 @ 14:10

You say the Matador greatly respects the bull...You do not mistreat anything you respect. If you do mistreat something that you respect then it is out of anger, frustration, personal gain (money, power or pleasure )
For money or power, it is a wicked act. For pleasure it is Evil !

foxbat said:
08 September 2013 @ 14:45

Keith... Thank you for your comment.

For other would-be responders...

As I stated at the time I posted the original blog post...This is not an open forum on the rights and wrongs of bullfighting. There will always be strongly opposing views on the subject and this post is not the place to air them...

Thank you.

Poppyseed said:
15 September 2013 @ 20:33

I read there were about 15,000 protesters in Madrid yesterday. It would be good to have 15,000 protesters at the event on the day.

Heiwa said:
18 September 2013 @ 12:17

This is so cruel for the bull. I haven´t got enough words to express my pity for the bull. I have heard that there were some injured people among the participants. I surely do not fell any sorry for them.

Not all Spaniards agreed with that. We write, demostrate and nothing comes from that. It is the Council of Europe who has to do something. They should ban the whole festival + the bullfights but they are not doing anything either. Spain belongs to the Europaen Community, right? So why Europe does not ban it?????????

eos_ian said:
03 October 2013 @ 09:53

Latest News:

BULL-FIGHTING and bull-running will be officially considered 'national cultural heritage' based upon its 'tradition' in Spain following a motion in Parliament ending with a majority vote by the PP government.

The move comes from a petition received in Congress with 600,000 signatures calling for the spectacle to be considered a 'cultural asset', and will mean the government will create measures and invest money in promoting and protecting bull-fighting and bull-running throughout the country.

foxbat said:
03 October 2013 @ 10:41


This came as no great surprise especially since the original motion dealt solely with the banning of Toro de la Vega bloodfest.
For wholly political reasons the original motion presented by PACMA was amended and much modified by the PSOE to include Bull-fighting and to request that the whole subject be adopted as Cultural Heritage. From thereon it was a foregone conclusion. Too many politicians from both of the major parties have vested interests in keeping this ritual slaughter going.
It has nothing to do with respect for animals or their protection from cruelty; its all about MONEY.
By voting as they did the Spanish Government have ensured that they can get even more funding from the EU. At the moment funding is derived from the E.U.Common Agricultural Policy with money being syphoned off to aid the breeders of the fighting bulls With the acceptance that tauromaquia in all its forms is considered part of the Cultural Heritage more funding can be made available; something that had to have been uppermost in the minds of the gutless politicians who have made this possible. I've said it before and I'll say it again...

"Politics is the business of getting power and privilege without possessing merit"—P J O'Rourke

"Anyone who wishes to become a politician should automatically be banned from becoming one" - Billy Connolly

"Politicians are like seagulls. They arrive from out of nowhere in a fluster, squawking, sticking their beaks in.... crapping all over everything and then flying off leaving a mess."

"Politicians are like nappies / diapers...They should be changed frequently, and for the same reason."


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