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Spanish Street Dogs; the other Waifs and Strays.

Spanish Street Dogs; the other Waifs and Strays is about the many and varied dogs that we find around our village. Many are abandonados, some are just plain lost, all are real characters, mostly streetwise but occasionally foolhardy. These are some of the stories...

Waifs and Strays... Bathtime? Just you wait...
06 January 2012 @ 23:53



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Sandra said:
07 January 2012 @ 23:52

Has he really got blue eyes?
He looks EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeevil!!

foxbat said:
08 January 2012 @ 01:45

Sandra... not my picture but...
I think the dog is a Malamute puppy, an eskimo breed used extensively for heavy sledge towing.
Blue eyes are by no means uncommon in this breed but are quote 'a disqualifying feature in the American breed standard...'
If it is a Huskie, then blue eyes are normal.
My two blackies Spike and Scruffy both have blue eyes, but they would be evil no matter what colour their eyes were!

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