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Spanish Street Dogs; the other Waifs and Strays.

Spanish Street Dogs; the other Waifs and Strays is about the many and varied dogs that we find around our village. Many are abandonados, some are just plain lost, all are real characters, mostly streetwise but occasionally foolhardy. These are some of the stories...

Definitely Not Wiafs and Strays... A Black Day for Spain.
17 September 2013 @ 13:53

Shame on you, Spain.

Despite the wishes and protests of millions of people worldwide the ritual slaughter of Vulcano the bull selected at short notice for this years Torneo Toro de la Vega took place this morning.

He died, never knowing why, at around 1120am having been chased, tormented, tortured physically and psychologically, and finally stabbed to death.

RIP Vulcano.

Picture courtesy of Pacma Madrid.

This is dedicated to Vulcano and the hundreds more like him that will die in agony in the bullrings in this unforgiving and unforgivable country.

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eggcup said:
17 September 2013 @ 13:44

Yes, RIP Vulcano. There will come a day when the Spanish people as a whole finally recognise how wrong they were to let this barbaric practice continue.

morerosado said:
17 September 2013 @ 16:14

RIP Vulcano, many tried to save you from what you went through, many DID & DO care.
Many traditions of Spain are barbaric & need to be halted.

Dan said:
17 September 2013 @ 17:25

Curiosity got the better of me and I went to watch a 'bull fight' in Barcelona just before its abolition here.
Well, it was hardly a fight, but rather more of a ritualistic slaughter. 6 bulls in all, exactly the same process with each and not even a hint of a fight. Its clear to see why so many want this barbaric so called sport to be outlawed.
The good news is that this tradition is already dying out regardless of the protests. Here in Barcelona the young Spanish (regardless of political affinity) are ashamed and embarrassed by it, and the only way that my Spanish girlfriend would accompany me was on the condition of not telling ANY of her friends/colleagues about the visit.
On the occasion I went to the only bull ring in BCN (the other had already been converted into a shopping centre) it had a capacity of 20,000, but inside were only 100 spectators, made of up of local gypsies, stag do tourists, and me, and I left half way through.

'Bull fighting' in Spain is already dying due to its sheer boredom as much as its barbarity, the only question remaining is for how much longer it will be allowed to limp along?

foxbat said:
17 September 2013 @ 18:02

Dan, I think the answer to your question regarding the longevity of of this 'cultural art-form' is that all the time we have a government of either persuasion that receive funding from the EU that can legally be diverted, it will go on.
It's all about the money... and as Mariano Rajoy is an aficionado any moves to get it universally banned will be completely ignored.
This week Murcia is involved in a week long programme of bullfights; a group of Facebook friends attended on Sunday evening as protestors outside the bull ring and they reported that the place was packed...
A group of female protestors that attended the big protest meeting in Madrid on Saturday were referred to as 'Nazi Lesbians' by Taurino supporters.
A group of protestors at today's shameful event in Tordesillas were stoned by supporters whilst the Guardia Civil reportedly stood by and did nothing to prevent it.
The woman that presents TVE1's morning programme referred to the event as a 'spectaculo fantastico...' a stupid remark that shows no sensitivity whatsoever.

Poppyseed said:
17 September 2013 @ 20:43

A very sad day. I have always opposed all blood sports but my husband used to be one of the ''well it's their tradition'' that drove me mad. That was until one day he watched a bullfight on Spanish TV and was shaken to the core, my roughie toughie macho man was moved to tears by the sheer cruelty. It really is Spain's shame, but well done all those people protesting, petitioning and working towards ending this vile 'tradition'.

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