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A bit of luck...
09 March 2013 @ 18:53

They say that you make your own luck...I don't know whether that's always true, but today it seemed to work.  Despite the weather forecast and the appearance of the sky, I thought I would take a gamble and go to Granada, just to see if there would be any tango in the Plaza de las Pasiegas in front of the Cathedral.  Low cloud and dark skies hovered over me all the way to Padul, then the rain started to fall...should  I bother at all or just turn around and go home?

Well, I carried on, parked and walked to the centre...the rain almost stopped...I met up with a number of tanguero friends...about 12 people were already dancing despite the wet marble slabs...time to put away the brolly and get out there!  It got better, we even had a few minutes of sunshine, and people danced in jeans, boots, jackets, stilettoes and skirts.  It didn't matter and we all had 2 hours of creative fun and elegance.

Even as I walked back to the car park the rain started again and the drive home was beset by foggy mist.  Now it's pouring down but we are snug and warm to watch the Ireland v France 6 Nations match...and I've had a lovely day!  So the moral is, I suppose, that if you really want to do something you have to make an informed decision and then stick to your guns...and maybe a bit of luck will come your way. 

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Gerald said:
09 March 2013 @ 19:49

Good tale Linda glad your decision was a good one.

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