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Biking & Baking in Las Alpujarras

We've been in Spain for over 4 years now - plus 4 motorbikes - and a horse - join us for the ride!

2 legs good, 4 legs better...
Saturday, April 20, 2013 @ 5:46 PM

It's been a while since the last post (?!) partly because of visiting family and friends and other social activities, and partly because of a new preoccupation...the imminent arrival of a four-legged resident on our land...Canela, a cinnamon-coloured 4.5 year old Andalusian mare.  Are we mad, we ask ourselves, and the answer has to be 'yes,' but the die is cast and we expect to install her in about 8 days time.  Meanwhile we are are trying to source electric solar fencing, materials for a wooden shelter and all the necessary basics to get her started.  Local horsey people have been wonderfully helpful and we have had 2 'experts' to ride her and help us to assess her temperament.  Thank you, Jo and Nadia!  I had ponies as a child and have ridden out here quite a lot (and in South America) but feel ignorant when it comes to owning a big horse or caring for one properly.  The newest book on the shelf is Monty Roberts, the 'horse whisperer' andd we are doing a lot of googling to inform ourselves on everything from saddle selection to removing ticks to checking hoofs.  Oh and having a good 'seat' too.  And at 6am some chap I know will have wandered down to the land to see his new girlfriend!   

Apart from that, what an amazingly summery couple of weeks we have had!  We recorded 44 degrees in the sun on the terrace at some point and everyone began to look suspiciously suntanned.  Yesterday we walked up the Poquiera valley towards Mulhacen and enjoyed the combination of a green valley, rushing waters, snowy peaks and warm all has changed and it's foggy, dull and cool.  But summer will return soon!


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Hugh Kerr said:
Thursday, April 25, 2013 @ 3:35 PM

Yes Linda you are indeed mad! these horses have minds of their own! Four legs bad two wheels better! Hugh ps I shall be at Casa Anna in June for a writers retreat so will keep my eyes open for Canela! pps its great riding country but I think I would prefer a trail bike!

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