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Biking & Baking in Las Alpujarras

We've been in Spain for over 4 years now - plus 4 motorbikes - and a horse - join us for the ride!

Rain, snow, wind...
24 January 2013 @ 18:56

 Are we cold enough?  Have we had enough rain, wind and snow for a little while?  It's certainly quite chilly at 1200m...and we've had a couple of poplars toppling over in the car park, crushing a car and leaving a lot of mess.  Mind you, most of us know better than to park right in the path of monster trees in very windy conditions!  Of course, my excellent companion got out there with his chainsaw and I brought the yard broom along...things looked a bit straighter by lunchtime.  Let's hope the almond blossom can survive the gusts.

We took a walk up the Poquiera gorge on Sunday, scrambling across new scree, saying hi to a large flock of goats and their dog-minders and finally finding a way across the turbulent river...this became somewhat perilous as Steve edged his way 5 metres along a fallen tree and I made a 'leap of faith' via a very uncertain branch...not the recommended routes!  We won't be out that way for a while, certainly not while the snow is down.

The Patagonian kit is laid out ready for packing, Steve has managed to get some Innov8 boots and my Tuffa suede gaiters have loosened up a bit...we have shiny new riding hats and a bottle of Deet...only a few days to go before we head off for our backpacking/riding/dancing trip of a lifetime.  It's a bit warmer in Argentina, even in the south and I just need to plan my tango wardrobe...are 2 pairs of shoes enough?  Better ask Imelda...Next Blog post might not be until March...

For my good friends who wonder how my health is doing, I am feeling very well :).  The only addition to my medication list is...bicarbonate of soda!  I don't believe  in the numerous snake-oil and unproven remedies out there, but b.o.s. comes with a lot of credit, not least because our grannies recommended it and keeping your body 'alkiline' is preferable to 'acidic.'  Read about it for yourself.  I have 1/2 tsp in a small amount of hot water every morning and I doubt if it will do me much harm, if nothing else.  So, onward and upward is the motto!



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ElviriaDreamer said:
24 January 2013 @ 20:02

Go dance your little heart out, you thoroughly deserve to! Have a fabulous time riding in lucky thing.

Stay well and have a wicked holiday.

Judy said:
26 January 2013 @ 13:57

So glad you're well. Have the most fantastic time! What a great start to the new year. Look forward to hearing about your trip. :-)

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