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Biking & Baking in Las Alpujarras

We've been in Spain for over 4 years now - plus 4 motorbikes - and a horse - join us for the ride!

Riding, riding, riding...
Thursday, May 16, 2013 @ 7:10 PM

It's been a busy few weeks but I've found a new dietary formula...just get a horse, put it on a piece of land up/down a hill and 15 minutes walk away, and you'll lose weight in no time at all!  By the time you've done 2 feeds per day, maybe a 3rd visit, various replenishings of water, checking hooves, grooming, never mind getting prepared and ready for a ride...and then riding/ will soon find a new, slimmer, fitter person emerging.  Exhausted sometimes of course and frustrated when simple tasks become tricky, but the enjoyment level is high nonetheless.

Tomorrow we ride to the Lobrasan horse weekend, which for us will be a spectator event but for some it includes horse 'races', gymkhana events and ladies in big hats!  Steve is on his way there now with the tent, sleeping gear, boxes of food and feed and wine.  The logistics and preparation took a while but it's not so different from a bike ride or a mountain walking expedition.  Pity the weather is imploding of course!  We've had some glorious days and the spring flowers are heavenly, but at this very moment it's raining quite hard and looking thundery.  My poor girl, out in her field, with just one tree to get under...the shelter is yet to be built although we have the timbers treated and next week could see it going up.

One of our good friends has bought himself a BMW 650cc, a few years old but very handsome; someone else has a new puppy...and we think a few kittens will arrive in the village shortly.  Friends have come and gone and more are arriving soon, many from Bonny peace for the wicked! 

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