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Biking & Baking in Las Alpujarras

We've been in Spain for over 4 years now - plus 4 motorbikes - and a horse - join us for the ride!

12 May 2012 @ 01:27

My poor litle legs!!  We had 2 days walking in the sierras behind Frigiliana/Nerja and then I went on a 3 hour horse-ride yesterday...then the land to water's all too much for me!!  Or so I say when actually I'm loving it and feeling fitter and more energetic than ever.  

The walking was interesting, much more tropical than up here, with white-stone river beds and high limestone peaks.  We did a shortish walk on Tuesday out of Frigiliana, past the reservoir and then in a big loop around the Rio Chillar valley, near La Presa and coming back out in Maro.   Wednesday was a good 16km from the edge of Acebuchal and up to Venta Panaderos, following the Rio Higueron valley at times...what an astonishing and beautiful area.  Lovely white rock roses, pink cistus and sweet-smelling pine trees growing everywhere, those wild rocky peaks and deep blue sky above.  A very intense day, probably the warmest of the year to date.  We loved the 360 degree splendour of the Panaderos, very special and well worth the effort of getting there - our thanks to Stevie and Lynn for leading the way!

However, the Man has had to go off and try his new ultralight tent on the slopes of Mulhacen, so I imagine he is tucked up in his sleeping bag by now and waiting for Zorro the fox to arrive!  I have dined on fresh lettuce from the huerto, crumbled blue cheese and an orange, whilst listening to JJ Cale.  I am trying to lose a pound or two and the only way is to EAT LESS!!  More calories out and fewer in, it's the only way :) 

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frederick said:
15 May 2012 @ 18:52

tell me aout zorro

casalinda said:
16 May 2012 @ 16:24

Zorro (or Zorra, f) is the Spanish for fox, and is seen as the source of many evils, not least stealing or killing the chickens! S/he appears in many fiestas and is symbolically burnt as an act of 'purification'.
Up on the mountains, especially near Mulhacen where people drop or leave food, the wild foxes have got used to nosing out caches of grub and even gnawing their way through tent/bivi material to find it. Experienced walkers/climbers bury their food under large rocks or try to scare off the foxes by other means (see YouTube/Mulhacen in Winter/stevebungay).
Hope that answers your question!!

Rob Innis said:
21 May 2012 @ 21:17

I love Frigiliana - spent 2 weeks there lasy year walking and exploring for more see here

casalinda said:
22 May 2012 @ 20:21

Thanks Robin, you've embraced Andalucia too I can see! Wonderful place to live :)

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