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Biking & Baking in Las Alpujarras

We've been in Spain for over 4 years now - plus 4 motorbikes - and a horse - join us for the ride!

UK brief visit
13 November 2010 @ 20:58

We have had to make a  visit back to the UK for a couple of weeks (business, family, health etc) and it seems slightly odd to be in the old country, yet also utterly familiar.  The weather, darkness and economic gloom are the most recognisable features - but we have enjoyed seeing friends and family, watching England beat Australia in the rugby international and - tomorrow- going to the Classic Bike Show in Birmingham.  Means an early start and a thermos...we are 'campiing' in the almost empty house and eating a limited range of food, though Steve swears he has enough to make a loaf or two...

We have just discovered that some neighbours 2 doors away here, have bought a house 2 hours drive away near Guadix.  Neither of us had any idea of our locations!  Life is strange coincidence-wise.

Our Spanish is going to get rusty with every day away and not speaking it, which is a shame.  I am being lazy and not practising it either, but keeping up with EOS of course!  Will get back to this blog when we are home again in Las Alpujarras!  Bye for now.


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