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Biking & Baking in Las Alpujarras

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Headlights etc
04 August 2010 @ 16:54

Wow it’s hot! We close the shutters and the doors at midday and don’t open them again until after 6pm, just to keep the heat out! I love it, but it does drain you. All outdoor work has to be done at cooler times and leaving the car (or the bike) in the sun for even 10 minutes is horrendous.

It was a good weekend though. Stevie and Lynn from Glasgow met us in Pitres and we had a great time, talking our heads off over an impromptu lunch. They had done a big walk up the Poquiera Gorge last week but got badly bitten by horseflies, so were taking things easy. Watch out anyone going that way - these creatures will go for you even through your Tshirt.

Last night we went down to Mecina for an outdoor concert on the era (old stone threshing floor). This is the start of the Musica en Las Montanas season, with small events happening throughout the Alpujarras (see John’s blog on Alpujarra Hoy for details), and we love the settings. The music varies a lot - on Friday 6th there’s a Rock/Blues/Jazz/Funk event from 22.00 hrs that is either there or on the Ferreirola era. Worth a visit!?

This morning we headed for Granada, to try and get the correct headlights for the Ford, before we can get it plated/registered. We are trying to do the vehicles ourselves and have had a visit from the man who checks that your paperwork corresponds to the vehicle in question. That all went well and as soon as he contacts us again, we will go to Motril to do the next bit. But today was headlights. We stopped at the first breaker’s yard we could see (Padul, right by the road) and got a really good pair for 48 euros, which we thought was a fair price although Steve did offer to arm wrestle the man for them. Raised a laugh!

Time to go and get some white paint on the walls - and probably on myself to!

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