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The view from the back

My blog is about our move to Spain, to be exact it's about the intergration of a techno junkie and his lovely wife of 30 yrs into 18th century Spain.

What a week !
Friday, October 28, 2016 @ 11:05 AM

Well it's all over , there may well be no more ? What are we to do for the future ? 

No I'm not still whining about, our income that's been torpedoed by the GBBO  ( Great British Brexit Order ) I'm mean the other GBBO that was won by my fav the shy and fellow holder of low esteem Candice. 

As Mary is put out to grass in the meadow with the black sheep and Paul is sent tupping in another place , Our pouting, lippy sporting bake off queen is set to make a million  quid this year so it would appear that the real winner really is candice not the tupp , as his million is over three years , but he does get to keep the tent. 

So well done Candice and if you ever need any eggs let me know ! 

Well that's assuming we ever get chickenopolis finished , this week we've had the guy in doing the bedroom and as you can guarantee things have not gone smooth . 

What is it with people (and in that I include us  ) who can't make an agreement in Spain ? Is it the heat , the laid back nature or the " we re in it together " mentality but nothing ever is as it was . 

We agreed an amount for insulation, plaster, stain , paint and a course of tiles at the base of the walls months ago , we wait and wait to get him here and then when he starts he says he didn't know we wanted paint & stain ? Oh and also materials are extra. Then we get my tile cutter won't cut your tiles can I borrow yours ! 

Regulars will have guessed Also that this is one of the guys we have classed as a friend and feed a few times, I've had it with this crowd they are crap , sorry but they would drive a priest to swear. I don't want to appear the tight arse by getting written contracts but I'm fed up off getting ripped off . 

The lovely wife ( and that's what I call her so get off my case about it ) had been trying to get a mobile contract instead of a PAYGO , the first place said that the deal in the yogio ad was for existing contract customers with any company not her ? And it would be 29€ a month not 21€ the second down the same street said the same , even when the ad and web site did not make any distinction. So she went to the next town and tried in the same store for the same offer a nice English speaking woman  said she would do the deal no problem ? But they don't have the phone until the 1 Nov ? Outside the offer period ! 

When she got home I suggested that the lovely wife went back the next day and do the deal and collect the phone next week this she did , only to be told by the same woman that the contract type is no more and that she would have to pay the 8€ a month extra as well as having the 29€ higher contract ! What ! 37€ for a phone that's years out of date and more data and calls than we could ever need . 

WHY ! 

If you don't have a contract you have to pay the 8€ to buy the phone for the first 24 months , OK , but that's any bodies contract and any phone ? Not just yogio 

SO , a vodaphone customer walks in with a 10 yr old phone and pays 8€ a month less than a double yogio PAYGO customer upgrading after forty one months loyalty to a yogio contract ! Mad , all of which is not in the T &  C of the ad or as I can see in the web site So they can get lost as well ,  May be they just know our builders as they recommended the shop and we're just seen as easy ! 

Had another go at the lawyer this week also as he still has not produced our deeds even though he said they were ready in May , this is now 41 months I have told him he has until the end of the month and then I'm instructing another to recover the deeds and some costs , I know with him it's plain old incompetence as every one says the same apart from the estate agent who recommends him. 

What a week , the lovely wife also scraped the car in the consum car park on a post , arrrr . Luckily the post had rubber on it and the big mark T cut off at last some good luck , we need it this week as all the hassle has seen things a little strained at times . 

We've had a little rain this week and with it a dust fall again , I'll be glad when the wind turns more northerly as at least it's cleaner . I cleaned to pool and yet again after all I said it started passing back a very fine silt I'm at my whits end with it I find it so depressing when it looks grubby , I don't mind the work , it rewarding cleaning it but only when it looks clean afterwards ! So more jolly gel an ill do it again today. 

I've now not been out of the place since May and after a week like this I'm not sure there's anything worth looking at anymore the place is so crooked it's ridiculous, so soon dark nights , log fire and Tv may be next year will be better , but here will no doubt be the same old screwed up place. 

What is it with all the flies ! I'm off I really have had it this week !  

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lizy said:
Saturday, October 29, 2016 @ 7:37 AM

Number 1 fan here. It's a bugger when you can't trust people. Dispiriting! Keep at it and have a good winter.

STEVEE said:
Sunday, October 30, 2016 @ 10:38 AM

Thanks Lizy , I've chilled a bit now the red medicine seems to help :-)

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