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The view from the back

My blog is about our move to Spain, to be exact it's about the intergration of a techno junkie and his lovely wife of 30 yrs into 18th century Spain.

Hens & Friends do we need them ?
Thursday, October 13, 2016 @ 12:52 PM

As if we don't have enough to do , once more we are having a little excursion off the hallowed list of jobs to do. Whilst clearing the dead weeds and builders rubble behind the car port prior to putting up the car port gutter , we sat to have a drink and allow the flies time to settle and rest their wings.

The lovely wife , looking at the 25m2 cul de sac of space we had cleared declared , this would be a good chicken run ! WHAT ? I don't disagree but where did that come from ? The lovely wife came from a rural background, during our courting years in the early eighties , Her family had all sorts of small live stock and poultry and a massive allotment style veg garden more at home to a Manor House then a large cottage producing most of their own veg , salad ,milk , eggs and poultry .

So it would appear that whilst the lovely wife was collecting some plant feed from the agricultural merchants she spotted the hens and had been brooding on the idea . So there we have it , the lady has spoken after the gutter will be a chicken garden and coup for ten hens and Lenin the cock, We're going in the egg business ??

The next day was to be gutter and paint the walls , at 11:30 that night the lovely wife got an e mail from an old friend who was here on hol in Murcia and wanted to call the next day for coffee !

The lovely wife all excited replied straight away that we would love to see her and her fella and we'd do lunch !

Now Monday is our market day so the lovely wife was up early brewing coffee well before light , stripping beds putting the washing on then off to market at first light to get some salad and sliced meats inc the pata negra ham , for yet another meat plata .

Back home and out with the Hoover , then the duster , then the steam mop , new bedding in all the rooms ( what sort of visit is this ? ) by now it's noon , has she replied I asked ? Are they coming ? What time ? Of course their coming ! Do we have 5 mins or a few hours ? I don't know ! Well ring her before you have a heart attack ! Ok . No answer !

Then where's DeeDee ? Out ? She had slipped the gate at some point ! The magic of the electric motor no longer amazed , the rather slow cycle time was an opportunity ! The great escape was on ! Just like hanging off the truck she clipped around the car and away in the chumba right under the lovely wife's nose !

So now two hours of wandering the rambler looking for DeeDee , just as we give up she trots through the gate knackered ! As if nothing happened.

The phone rings , it's 2:15 , panic they must be at the garage , but no , they haven't set off yet   They can't find our place on the Garmyn . No shit were on the rambler even the post man struggles .  ( just remembered something from the summer re the Corrios , new post needed ) they can't apparently put in a place without a full address inc post code ?? Can you find the AV7 ? Then head to Lorca when you exit the tunnel your 20 mins away , OK . Right lets have lunch !

At 3:45 the phone rings again , I'm on the A31 ! Where ? Near the big bull ! iPad , map you've one 2 hrs the wrong way you need the AV7 south ? Ok .

5:15 the phone , we're back at the apartment ! WHAT ! . I might try again latter this week , the lovely wife as gracious as always said ok . I won't say what I thought and said all that excitement , work for what ? If I was going somewhere I would GO if at all possible they never even asked if we had gone to any trouble , nar no trouble just cleaned the whole place , been shopping , bought perishables for four got all expectant . SNAP ! If she calls again I'm busy she's not calling here this week . Oops . On the upside meat platter for four for tea ! .

A chance meeting at the village Spring found some new neighbours , Matt n cat, cat is short for something Thai . They live further along the rambler and are trying to get a Thai market garden going and are currently growing hundreds of little plants , hence the water as it's free if you don't mind filling bottles . Matt makes his run a couple of times a day filling ten litre water bottles in his trailer.

We told them that were always looking for hotter chillies, as the ones in the market contrary to the traders protestations , they Are not very hot ! Later that day they rock up at ours and produce a bag of frozen chillies from their own stock! Well chillies will open many doors at ours and as these past muster even frozen, so now then out with the wine and on with the chatter, Here's to a red hot new friendship.



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