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The view from the back

My blog is about our move to Spain, to be exact it's about the intergration of a techno junkie and his lovely wife of 30 yrs into 18th century Spain.

That sinking feeling again !
03 April 2015 @ 02:11

Things here are moving along in a fashion, but there's more to tell then just the builders. 

We have now been gifted if you can call it that with a puppy, a podenco ? I believe according to my builder, a lovely sandy colour with a slight wire over coat and far too much energy. 
She turned up out of the blue very lean and afraid, covered in fleas and a few ticks , she was hanging around for three days before we were aware of her, however the builders had seen her and been feeding her , from that point she was here to stay. 
The fleas were so bad you could see them moving, the vet suggested that the density was too high for the usual drops etc choosing something stronger and fast acting . So now flea'd tick'd worm'd and putting on weight she needs a name. 
We called 
her dee dee , a fitting name as you will see. DD will not come in doors choosing to stay out side in all weathers, she has a dog bed in the car port with her food and water, although not indoors its dry and sheltered  and yet she chooses to sleep in the grass or on the sun couch if the cushions are left out. Understandable on the mild nights we've had recently but daft in the pouring rain. 
The other Saturday afternoon it was tipping it down, as we went out we went passed DD curled up on the cushions ( left out again , whoops ) directly under the roof scuppers, Daft Dog or what ? Thats DD  ! 
Our DD has claimed a patch of weeds near the front door as hers, here she try's to collect any and every thing she can carry as she explores the world one bite at a time. Her favourite collectable is gloves closely followed by tea bags discarded by the builders . The lovely wife passes over the area once a week with a black bag and the game begins again ! 
You might say she's young or bored and your probably right on both counts so we bought various rope throws and very large leather hide chews, the ropes are great fun for her but the collecting goes on and the toys are destroyed as for the hide chew half her size ? Went missing the same afternoon  we can only assume she buried it and it may surface when the builders do the final tidy up and grading who knows ? DD hid it for a rainy day and hopefully that won't be for a while now !  
I've been getting on with fitting the kitchen units now the floor has been tiled , built a base for the island and got all the units in and had a smashing time whilst fitting the sink. We have chosen two ceramic sinks one on the island the other near the window .
The instructions say to invert the sink and use as a template by drawing around then deduct 10mm from all sides this is your line . Whilst the sink was like this I slid it out of the way and cut out the hole just as I was near to the last corner the blade on the jig saw jammed and caused the saw to jump my elbow flicked out and yes the sink slide off the counter and smashed on the floor taking with it a new tile not even grouted yet . 
I cursed  loudly and pedro the tiler shot in from the lounge to see the mess, now pedro speaks one word of English and it want quite right , ok . So he said something ending in señora, I made the international mime for shooting yourself in the head, then as he does he replied slowly in dumbed down Spanish just for me  " mas agua es problema, aqui no problema " which I took to mean, as many things around here are still compared to the floods of 2012 that " worse things happened in the flood " well you have to agree , so a typical Mediterranean shrug of the shoulders and back to the tiles whistling like a canerie. 
I think I'll let him tell the lovely wife eh .  

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DavidLud said:
04 April 2015 @ 07:54

We too have a rescued Podenco. Great dogs but lots of energy and notoriously difficult to train. But great fun and loving!

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