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The view from the back

My blog is about our move to Spain, to be exact it's about the intergration of a techno junkie and his lovely wife of 30 yrs into 18th century Spain.

I'm back for my fan !
29 September 2016 @ 23:09

Forgive me for I have skimped , it's been a good while since I last took to these pages to vent , rant or just update you on us. The lovely wife and I are still here in sunny Andalusia, happy as sand flies and a little fitter , just a little ! Our mad puppy DeeDee and baggy the cat are fit and well and we wouldn't be without them .

As today has been our first proper wet day this year as I recall I thought I would drag myself from the telly and pick up a loose end. I was stunned when I looked in on the blog page to see a comment requesting more ? 

More , more  can you all really handle more ? Well you would think that over the last months that I would have lots to tell , well things have rolled along at a slower more Spanish pace with long periods of reflection before committing to the more dramatic design elements like lights and door handles . When buying ten light fittings for the same room you need to consider the pros and cons like cost and have you Seen the cost  ! 

I believe I started over analysing , obsessing on the little things when we sat down last winter and for a joke thought we would on a room by room basis list and cost the work still required to call our lovely cortijo done LOL  

Well we ended up at 107 jobs and near on twenty grand and that was doing most of the work ourselves , the black mist wandered down the rambler , the cash was one thing but if it was waiting for us to do the work then it would be over many many months , no short term payday loan here it would be very long term drip feeding . 

The main downer was the thought of months more work and jobs all relying on us the very lovely wife and I . The result a long period of world class procrastinating .

Over the winter my dad and his partner came for a week around Christmas and was his usual cheery self, this is now the third year running they have visited just before his Christmas trip to benny , he always complains that it quiet and too far to the bar but it's what we wanted as far from the benny experience as possible . I think the whole point is that a week with us gets a cheaper flight and 1 week less in rent plus free transfers , or is that just a shade of the black mist ? 

He fooled us all in April arriving alone for twelves days, departing just three before my birthday ? He never goes anywhere alone ? His partner said he was popping out to help great !!! I thought . I thought this is so odd that something must be wrong , here alone , no invite , no bag pusher , something must be wrong , he's got six month to live and he's taken them literally and booked a non refundable flight to tell me at the end of the six months ??? But no it was to be the usual , extended periods of silence followed by evening drinks . 

One of the labourers who worked on the place got engaged whilst he was here and had a do in the bar the whole town were invited it was in the Euro news a really good doooo , as they were just back from the windies it was a pirate night with reggae of course . 

So there we are its spring 2016 and nothings done other than burn several tons of wood and watch lots of detective tv . 

So , for my fan , who by the way is not family as far as I'm aware lol and because I need the therapy provided by your comments I'm back , for a while at least and you will be pleased to hear it's not all criminal minds or SVU . 



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anthomo16 said:
01 October 2016 @ 10:13

no, not on, you cannt finsh it there! What happened nex?

Sungoddess said:
01 October 2016 @ 16:40

Ha ha, I love your turn of phrase lol

lorraine56 said:
02 October 2016 @ 11:54

Keep at it, we are 12 years in and our small house is still a work in progress as we keep refining it in between working and entertaining visitors /family who treat our place as a hotel, lol. Still would not have it any other way as love it here in our totally Spanish village just north of Granada.
No rain here yet although the locals are praying for it to come and fatten the olives up.
Looking forward to your next instalment.

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